Catholic and Non-Catholic Literature

How would any of you suggest I go about reading a Christian, but non-Catholic, book? I am talking about books by authors like Steve Arterburn (The Every Man Series) and Lee Strobel (The Case for… Series).

Should I first read what the Church has to say on the subjects they write about or just avoid them entirely?

What about having “broad horizons” with reading material?

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated :slight_smile: .

I’ve read the Strobel books. They’re very good, but yes, if you know your catholicism you can see where he’s slightly ‘off’ the mark.

If we didn’t read non-catholic literature we wouldn’t be reading C.S. Lewis’ books and Mere Christianity is one credited by many converts to Catholicism for their change of thinking.

As with contemporary Christian music, there are some really good praise and worship songs/lyrics generated by that bunch, but oh, how much deeper and richer the songs would be if they only included the eucharist or confession or Mary!!

I think the decision to read/listen to christian materials rests in where you are at in your own faith journey. If you can read them with a grain of salt, remaining alert for some missing pieces of the puzzle, you come away appreciating Catholicism all the more. But if you don’t know enough about Catholicism you could be swayed by their explanation of Christ’s purpose for us and move away from Catholicism.

For me, I came away really longing for christians to come to the FULL truth of their faith. They are so good at expressing their love, respect, and trust in the Lord that they inspired me to not be so reserved about my own. Reading their writings helps me get a feel for where my christian friends are coming from so I can relate on that base level, then from there introduce the Real Presence and other sacraments to them. Having read their literature arms me with ‘stepping off’ points when we discuss a particular work or author.

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