Catholic, and nudist behavior

Not for me. If I had tried that, I would have the beach to myself!!!


It is true that there are other cultures who treat nudity as unremarkable. But I’m guessing that in places in the past that were heavily Christian you wouldn’t have found people being nude in mixed company.

If there is a sense of residual modesty in the U.S. (not many nude beaches) it’s because of our formerly (Protestant) Christian past. And that so called modesty is hardly there at all … beaches are still full of people dressed in strips of cloth more like underwear than clothing.

I think you take this a bit too far. Changing and showering in a locker room makes people seeing each other nude inevitable. I don’t see this as sinful.

Also in the military. I agree that same-gender nudity is usually fine; in Russian monasteries, monks typically help their elder brethren bathing and dressing, and this is considered a solemn & important responsibility

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there’s one in every crowd for crying out loud
Why was it always turning out to be me?

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sounds like “fly fishing”


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I’d certainly prefer the option of being able to change without other people seeing me.


What about other locker rooms, or family members such as small kids?

My family once went (by misstake) to a nude beach in Germany. It wasn’t really a big deal. We all wore bathing suits though. In Sweden we are not quite as comfortable with nudity as the Germans, only children below the age of ca. 5 are naked on the beach, and sauna areas etc. are segregated by gender. I can’t imagine thinking it is wrong to be naked in a locker room with only members of your own sex!

It is interesting how stuff like that varies between cultures. In my high school we have a lot of Asian international students and there was this Taiwanese girl who I spoke to occasionally and she would always link arms with me or put her hand on my shoulder and stand way closer to me than I’d normally be comfortable with. She and her friends are all like that with each other. The Vietnamese girls at my school now are the same way. It was a surprise to me because I always associated East Asian cultures with being very reserved and certainly not touchy-feely. Not always I guess.

I think in certain Asian cultures the girls will be close to their girlfriends like that, linking arms or holding hands. In the West it has sometimes been wrongly mistaken for them being a gay couple, when it’s just how girls who are BFFs behave in their country, nothing sexual or romantic about it.


Same observation here regarding Asian culture. My teaching was handshake. Mexicans on the other hand, way different. (Before virus) “Hi/goodmorning/whatever” almost always comes with a back/shoulder pat. (If they know you). We had one guy that did the handshake with small hug (shoulder bump/back pat) thing also. It’s all good.
Dominus vobiscum

You remind me of something remarkable (to me) that I saw in India once: two uniformed soldiers strolling down the street, holding hands all the while. My friend and I decided they must have been off duty.

James Thurber had something to say about this, back in the mid-twentieth century.


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