catholic and orthodox

do you think east-west reunion is likely?


There’s no need. That’s like asking if the left hand and the right hand are reuniting.

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Seems that the Catholics want to reunite, but i don’t think the Orthodox want to. The best we can do is cherish our significant commonalities and live like Christ.

Why would you say there is no need? It is like a hand has been secered from the body–of course there is need for reunion!

Of course Orthodox want to reunite. We may disagree with Catholics on what that reunion should look like, what obstacles still stand in the way, and how close we really are to being reunited, but to say that we don’t want to reunite is false.

le’ts all pray hard for it to happen. i, for one, think the church would be so much stronger if it did

Ok, my opinion might be a little biased because after watching the reports on Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew meeting in the holy land, a bunch of (forgive me of the term) trolling Orthodox people kept saying a bunch of uncharitable comments about the situation criticizing both leaders.

Does it need to be pointed out time and time again? Reunion is an impossibility unless one side concedes. Catholics won’t accept anything less than total submission to the Pope and his claimed Powers. Orthodox won’t accept anything less than their independence from the Pope to run their churches without him.

It is highly unlikely yet not impossible.

I think it’s going to happen eventually. The Church is God’s remember, and He’ll bang some heads together if He has to, and pretty hard too, when He’s had enough of our divisions.

It would actually be easier to reunify the Catholic and Orthodox churches than it would the Catholic and Protestant churches. There is more in common - organisation, liturgy, Mary, saints, mysticism, icons / statues, sacraments, apostolic origins etc.

Really? Maybe I have my facts wrong. I was under the impression that Eastern Orthodox Churches still fell under the umbrella of the “Catholic Church” just as a seperate rite - like Eastern Rite, Roman Rite, etc. Also, theologically, we know that God judges a man by his works and that all those called to the supper of the Lamb are called by God himself… So I guess I just don’t know where Eastern Orthodox Catholics are disqualified. And if they are not disqualified then what need is there for a reunion?

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The Eastern Orthodox Churches are not in communion with Rome. The Eastern Catholic Churches are.

Oh, I see what the problem is… no, not all the Eastern Christians are united with the Pope. We have the 22 (iirc) [ETA: autonomous] particular Churches united with the Pope, most of which use rites different from ours (some of which are the same or similar to those used by the Orthodox), but the Orthodox (Russian, Greek, etc) are *not *united with the Pope. It is this latter group we are discussing reunifying with.

While I don’t know what was said or how valid it was, or even who said it, keep in mind that His All Holiness holds a very different position in the Orthodox Church than the Pope does in the Catholic Church. One can disagree with the EP quite vocally without being in danger of schism.

I’m well aware of that and I try to be. May Christ strengthen us. :slight_smile:

They will reunify in God’s good time.

Perhaps the spread and influence of Islam will have bearing on what both Churches decide to do. The West has to deal with the surge in secularism. In Europe specifically, it’s both secularism and Islam. The East, not so much secularism but Islam alone.

It is the atheists and non-believers who have the most to fear. Secularists, socialists and cultural Marxist in Europe who have wanted to root out all influences of Christianity and religion declared victory a few years ago. Furthermore, they gained allies in North America who admired and mirrored their societies (leftists/secular) views. What totally caught the secularists/socialists and atheists by surprise is by knocking off Christianity, they took out what historically(at least in Europe) neutralized the spread of Islam, particularly early in the crusades. The secularists will always deny that Christendom helped build the Western world.

We shall see in the coming decades. All the bad seeds the secularists and socialists planted , debt ridden welfare states, anti-family, shrinking demographics, will force them into submission and force them to eat their rotten fruits. The rejection of Christ always has a price. The Roman Empire learned that, secular Europe and North America will too.

That concludes my militant Catholic rant. Seriously I just pray for peace, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

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