Catholic and religious term in Arabic

Hello EveryBody,

I am new here in this Forum. I am glad to know you and join you all in this global connection!

I am from VietNam, but now i am now in the Sudan. I am learning Arabic. I would like to ask you, if any one knows and kindly shows me some good sites how to learn the language. Especially the sites that related to Catholic Terms about the Eucharist/Mass and Religious Education…These will be a big help for me since i cant find any book regarding my need of the language learning.

Thanks a lot in Advance and see you again.
Yours in Christ,

Dear Brother,

I cannot give you any terms or tips as I know nothing of Arabic. But I will pray for your safety.

:highprayer: :signofcross: :byzsoc: :crossrc:

Hello there,

I am Arab Christian, what kind of term you want to know ?

Some basic terms -

God - Allah
Jesus Christ - Yasoo’ Al Masih’
The holy trinity - Al Thalooth Al Aqdas
The Father - Al Ab
The Son - Al eben
The holy spirit - Al Rooh’ Al Qodos
The New Testament - Al A’hd Al Jadid \ Al Injil
The Old Testament - Al A’hd Al Qadim

I hope I’ve contributed to you some of the words…

Here is a site which includes the Hail Mary in various languages, including Arabic:

Welcome to the forums, both FrancisNhat and Wasim!

Always good to meet a fellow Melkite, BTW. What parish do you attend, Wasim?

Peace and God bless!

Thank you ghosty for welcoming me =).

Those time unfortunatly I don’t attend each sunday at my parish. But everyday I make my pray and try to know how could I make my day better.

My parish is Mar Elias, which is located in Haifa, Israel.

What parish do you attend brother ?



I attend St. Joseph Mission in Seattle, in the U.S.

We have a parishioner from Haifa named Hana, actually. I can’t remember his last name, but I’ll see him tomorrow and ask him if he knows of your parish. He still has children in Haifa, if I remember correctly. :slight_smile:

Peace and God bless!

God Bless you too =)

Dear Volodymyr988, Wasim, Eucharisted and Ghosty,

Thanks a lot for your replies, especially to Wasim and Eucharisted. Yes i need some terms like those which Wasim has indicated, all about the Bible, the Church and Eucharist… that related to Christians and Catholics. Some what like a dictionary of vocabularies for me to learn and memorize and communicate with the people here. If you have Mp3 files of those vocabularies that will be very good for me to practice listening too, such as the mp3 website about the New Testament and Psalms. That is very good.
Thanks Volodymyr988 for your prayer, i will pray for you too.
Thanks Ghosty for your warm welcome.
God bless.

Chao anh!! Anh dang lam di ben Sudan?

Xin Chao,

Minh den va lam viec truyen giao o Sudan, nhung hien tai dang hoc ngon ngu. Arabic cung hoi kho, nen co le phai mat thoi gian dai.

Ban dang o dau? Lam gi? Tu gioi thieu nha.

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