Catholic and Scientologist


I was on another board where they were talking about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. A lady jumped in and said that people are idiots because you know that she can be both Catholic and Scientologist.

How in the world can you convince these people that they are wrong.These are the same people who pick and choose what they want from the Catholic Doctrine.


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This is probably the same kind of person that told me she was Catholic and Wiccan. Scientology beliefs clash with almost all Catholic beliefs. Scientology teaches that there is some form of “higher power” but it has no part in our lives and also teaches reincarnation. Not to mention their incredibly ridiculous beliefs about “operating thetans” and such nonsense.

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And also one of their beliefs is , if you kill a alien you become a angel. Now im no expert on the catheitism(sp) But im almost certain you wouldn’t find any thing even closely suggesting that.


we need to pray for them…


anyone else who can help? Thanks everyone. I really need help with this.


[quote=VeronicasJude]anyone else who can help? Thanks everyone. I really need help with this.

On what grounds does she base her statement?


[quote=VeronicasJude]anyone else who can help? Thanks everyone. I really need help with this.

Here’s a link Catholic Exchange “Faith Questions” Q&A from earlier this year on the topic. I hope it helps.

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No problem, just play them quotes of L. Ron Hubbard talking about Jesus, Xenu, and space aliens. Always does the trick.

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Hi Ms Jude, Hebrews 9:27 plainly says that after death we all face judegement.

If Reincarnation is true, then believing in judgement and hell would not hurt us because we would climb to a higher level from living a righteous life.

If Judgement and hell are real than believing in Reincarnation is dangerious because that person will face judgement without knowing the correct answer.

Simply put, at the judgement, when God asks why should I let you into heaven? What will be their answer?


[quote=VeronicasJude]anyone else who can help? Thanks everyone. I really need help with this.

The problem is bigger than just those who try to embrace some belief that is contrary to Catholic teaching. Roman Catholics must believe dogmatic teaching in order to call themselves Catholic, but people rebel against this and want to “call” themselves Catholic while clinging to heresy. For example, one cannot be pro-choice and Catholic, but there are thousands of so-called pro-choice Catholics. I don’t know enough about scientology to give specific advice, but if you find even a single scientology doctrine that is heretical, then holding to that doctrine is sufficient evidence that you cannot be Catholic and Scientologist.


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