Catholic Android App

I’m a seminarian and I’m off of school for Christmas for the next month! I have a solid background in programming so I was hoping over the break I could make a Catholic Android app that would help my fellow Catholics.

So, if you could have any Catholic app on your Android what would you want?

I noticed that the Iphone has a good app for finding mass times and locations but android doesn’t. Maybe this would be a good place to start? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Someone has beat you to it :D.

I have the Catholic One app on my 'droid. The app has a guide to the new Misal, daily readings, the rosary, and all sorts of prayers.

The Catholic One app doesn’t have mass times and locations however

True. I suppose if one does alot of traveling, having an app with Mass times & locations could be beneficial.

I have a solid backgound on Catholic teaching.
I am a webmaster (joomla 1.7) but unfortunatley, no programming skells.
I tell you what I use and what I like:
*]daily thoughts from great thinkers, the first one being Jesus Cjhrist
*]I subscribe to daily saints and for me is a must
*]there was a tradition in some circles to open the Bible by chance and read the first verse: it would be appropriate for you. I am not in favor of it. It sounds like God allied to casino chance but some people may like it.
*]times of prayer: remember, in my country, the bell would sound for Angelus at morning, midday and sunset. There is a famous painting from a European painter that despicts a family in the fields praying at sunset as you see the tower of the churchj far away. It is moving. I think Muslims have the 5 times a day app.
*]the rosary: sometimes I do not feel like praying (saying it) but i feel lgood hearing it prayed by a congragation as in the radio…It is good, marvelous…
*]religious hymns
*]menaginful rock songs. I knew of a seminarian who was doing theology that when he spoke he always spoke through meaningful rock songs that despicts emptiness of life, search for love, search for the Infinite, and so on. We had a discussion here whether “Let it Be” of the Beatles and its Mother Mary could be attribute to the Virgin Mary. My interpretation is that it was not McCarthy’s intentions but clearly could be refered to the Virgin Mary. Bob Marley, dire Straits, and so on there many rock songs which have a religious meaning for all men are religious.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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