Catholic Android Widget? (phone)

Does anybody know any widget that is “Catholic”?
I know I can just search the Android Market, but who knows that I may have missed something.

I have an IPhone now,but there are several I used to use on my droid. Just go through the apps and you will find many useful…I always read the review first.

I have Laudate, Catholic Droid and Catholic Chaplets of Mercy on my Droid Bionic. I don’t know the difference between widgets and aps. I hope this helps you.

Google Play store has hundreds. Just type Catholic in the search bar.

The Laudate seems good. Thx.
Widget is technically an app. But it’s always active on the same row as the clock unlike the app, which we have to click the shortcut to open it. The only widget I found is the cross sticker.
Cross widget (40 crosses)
And it’s not free… :takethat:

Thank you for the info. Laudate is very good and it’s free.

I too, am and Iphone user, but I have IMissal and the Breviary on my phone. Have you tried typing the word “Catholic” into the search to see what comes up?

I already searched Catholic Widget. 15 results came out. I’m searching for Widget specifically, and I don’t know how to pay for the non-free app. So I’m targetting the free widget app.

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