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Some or many protestants are referring to this page jesus-is-lord (dot) com/cath (dot) htm (excuse the link. My new account is not allowed to put a valid link) whenever they want to throw accusations to Roman Catholicism. It’s obvious that the site is promoting KJV Cambridge Edition as “Authorized Version” (KJV Onlyish). May previous posts from my other account are based from this page so I decided to provide the whole page for my fellow catholics to see.

I’m off to dispute everything in that page or the site itself because I’m afraid my protestant friends might use it as their reference as well.

I hope my brothers in Jesus Christ, fellow catholics here in the forums can give me more answers to “all” accusations this page is throwing at us. I know you have more to say and better answer than mine.

I will greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Take the advice of Our Lord and do not cast your pearls before swine.

Be salt and light to those around you. That will draw people to Holy Mother Church.

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Where are you going? I don’t see a discussion forum there. They don’t even accept comments.

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Yeah, it just looks like your stereotypical Fundamentalist Protestant site. Kind of like those sites that are promoting “Saved” stuff on billboards on the road. Not much on this particular site though. There are better Fundamentalist sites. Although they do have a nice simulation of a blue sky.


Oh I’m sorry. It’s not my intention to confuse anyone. In my area, there are a lot of protestants and some of them are using that page against Roman Catholicism. So I want to dispute everything in that page orally with my protestant friends and maybe send them an email, chat or whatever means of communication possible.


Chris, There is a saying, catch more flies with honey.

If your mission is conversion to Catholicism, let God shine through you. Go spend time doing good works. Feed and water and clothe these people to the best of your ability.

Combative dialogue and debate just shuts people down.


If you’ll take the advice of a humble non-Catholic.

The best way to answer that website is to say “you’re clearly crazy. Your site is full of crazy. I don’t have to answer crazy. Because it’s crazy.”


Oh, ok. I think I responded to another of your posts along these lines. I’ll just look for your specific inquiries. This one is too broad to respond to in 3200 words. Or is that characters? You know what I mean.

Yeah thank you for responding to my other post related to this. I really appreciate it. Regarding this post, the page contents is quite long and talking about a lot of topics. I will greatly appreciate all answers.

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I understand. But if you start more topics with specific questions, I think you’ll get better results.

Who am I kidding? I’m asking that for me. I don’t want to dig through all that mess and respond to things that you may not even be interested in. So, I’ll wait for your specific questions.

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You are right. I’ll just extract it and post them one at a time.

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Quickly, I would just say

“Saying” Jesus is Lord ≠ Jesus is Lord of their life.

One can ask a Protestant of whatever stripe

Do they belong to His Church that HE established on Peter and those in union with Peter and can show that all properly referencded?
Do they receive the Bread of Life… His body and blood, the Eucharist every Sunday?
Do they receive reconciliation Our Lord’s way, when they sin mortally?

No Protestant can say yes. Only a Catholic can say yes.

Who then can say Jesus is Lord of their life? A Catholic


It’s writing like that website’s and Chris’ worry about it that gives the strongest justification for the Index.

Chris, do you have any parts in particular you want to reflect on together? I think we’d be much more comfortable looking at a section rather than being left to fish in those murky waters :slight_smile:

Christi pax.

I will appreciate any part you can address in the page.

For starters, he has a poor understanding of what the Church is. Even if we concede that all his so called facts about the Church persecuting others are true (most of them aren’t), or that many leaders of the Church were and are more concerned about money (which is pretty true), it doesn’t change the fact that the Church is the Church, even if her leaders have sinned, and sinned greatly. Heck, if they didn’t sin, what would be the point of Jesus’ coming in the first place?

It is clear from the New Testament that Christ and the Apostles intended to set up a community, an organization, of whatever sort. One with leaders, no less. Why would he ordain some as Apostles otherwise? Even the creations of the New Testament is secondary to the aim of building the Church. The libertarian Christian never existed, and never will.

Ask yourself this, if the leaders of your country are making a mess of things, do you abandon your country, or do you try to correct the damage so she is back in shape? If your son is addicted to drugs, do you just have another son, or do you help recovery him? This is how we should approach our mother the Church.

That should be a fair response to most of his rhetoric so far.

You will not be the first person to read the scriptures clearly and then be saved by REPENTING of your sins and BELIEVING on the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who shed his blood ONE TIME to pay for our sins that we have committed. He died to completely pay for our sins and he rose again for our justification (ref. Romans 4:25).

Catholics believe that the Liturgy is participation in the Passion of Christ, a moment in time Christ made timeless. It isn’t adding or subtracting or redoing anything to Christ’s sacrifice, just sharing in the same sacrifice, the same wedding ceremony.

You will not get to heaven by your own works and by following the rules and regulations of a (supposedly) religious organization--the Roman Catholic institution

Following the bindings of those who currently occupy the position of Apostle certainly won’t bring you into the Kingdom on its own, just as merely stopping sinning won’t, but not following these bindings won’t help prepare you to enter the kingdom either, just as sinning won’t either.

How’s that so far? Any questions?

Christi pax.

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I challenge the premise of the OP that “many” Protestants are referring to this website. I poked around a bit outside of the anti-Catholic page. This appears to be the work of some obscure King James Only sect with some very peculiar ideas and a very poor grasp of theology, history, and even basic logic. The only trustworthy Bible in the whole world, the only source of authority, is the “Pure Cambridge Edition of the King James Bible”…really?
I wouldn’t even try to refute the garbage on this site point by point. I would try to find common ground with the individuals citing this site, build a relationship with them, and then start presenting authentic Catholicism bit by bit.

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That site is operated by a KJV only primitive Baptists calvanist who believes everyone who does not believe like him is going to hell. Even protestants. He believes that the Baptist church is the true Church and that it can be traced throughout the centuries through groups with names that changed ever so often. Nevermind that some of those sects promoted heresy and contradicting doctrine that even he would now declare heresy. He believes all the reformers were wrong too. His beliefs predate the Protestant Reformation according to him.

Basically this guy is pretty out there and those who believe like him are too. It would be hard to get through to them. I can’t think of any ideas now, I am at work but maybe I’ll come back to this thread at a later time.


Before disputing anything, I suggest you really have a good sound foundation in Catholic doctrine and theology, history as well.

I like yourself have numerous Protestant friends, many are ignorant and oblivious not only to historical facts, but also to reason and plain common sense. The people who do the most damage to Catholicism fall into 1 of 2 groups.

  • Those who are inside the Church and whose faith and beliefs are clearly outside the Church
  • Fallen away Catholics who become Protestant who remind people they were formerly Catholic to try to sound more credible

The entire sites talking points against the Catholic faith rises or falls on the authority of the Bible. Clearly they have given all authority to the Bible, and themselves to disprove Catholicism. Instead of answering all their questions. You should be asking them to prove the Protestantism is true. Where are the their truths, if entire churches are divided by their disputes and individual interpretations ?? You can start with the first council and the first crisis the early Church faced about circumcision in the Book of Acts.

  • On the question of whether or not newly baptized Christians had to be circumcised like the Jews who converted to Christianity. How did the Church determine what to do based on the law, and the word of God?
    If the Bible was the sole authority and not St. Peter, Paul and the rest of the early Church during that time. Why weren’t the gentiles required by law circumcised ? There’s no way to answer this using the Bible alone, unless they used the Old Testament only.

The owner of that site is either really ignorant or just cherry picking bible verse to condemn nearly anything whether its the Catholic Church or Protestants or even women wearing pants instead of dresses. Apparently we are all condemned to hell for some small mistakes while he gets to go to heaven since he repents and believes that Jesus died for our sins. Any good christian does those things. Everything he says is distorted to fit his agenda. Plus where does he get the authority to decide who goes to hell or not.

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