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Are any of the Catholics out there formerly anti-Catholic apologists who were arguing against the Catholic faith on these forums?

I do not mean folks that came here to learn about the Catholic faith and eventually converted, but those folks that came here specifically to argue against the Catholic faith and eventually converted.

Just wondering,



I guess not.



I do remember a couple guys who were pretty obnoxious against the Catholic faith and have since converted. I will bump this thread and let them show themselves.

(most anti-catholics though get scared and leave the forums quite quickly once they are refuted a few times) There are some that persist even though they are proven to be quite dishonest and bigoted.

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That does sound pretty on target. Often the very anti-Catholic ones came here with a few “killer verses” (eg. call no man father) but are so shocked when they encounter a Biblical response from a Catholic (1 Cor 4:15) that they panic and never return (or go on to other threads and try their luck on others).


I know of a few such people (3 or 4 I think) who came to convince Catholics they were wrong, but on other forums, not this one. So it definitely happens.


I was one such person. However, I was curious of the Catholic faith too. Still, I was convinced due to Protestant indoctrination that Catholics were not Christians and the Church was made of all believers, a concept foreign and heretical to the Early Church.

I came here, met nice people who helped me to learn the Faith and the rest is history! :smiley: :thumbsup:

Al-Masih Qam!


I’ll never forget the back-handed compliment one such person paid the Catholics on a particular forum. He called us the most tenacious, relentless people he’d ever argued with. Darn tootin’!


If you think that is funny, I once asked an otherwise pretty knowledgeable Lutheran an important yet basic question that I considered a contradiction in his theology. His “response” to me was that no genuine Christian would ever ask that question! :eek:

And I dont want to leave out one of my favorite posts ever, I dont know why I remember this post out of all the thousands, but I just cant forget it:


Yep! Or when Catholic not only point out incorrect historical references, they provide documentation to demonstrate how the “history” some anti-Catholic love to cite is either outright fiction or grotesque exaggeration.

Yep stick to it. And that is easy to do because Catholic argue from a position that is thoroughly logically consistent, and does not ask a person to leave their brain at the door.


How bout former catholics who are now evangelical? :slight_smile:


Your profile says you’re 18 – at that age, I didn’t know much other than doing what I was supposed to do. You are blessed!


You rang??? :wink:


LOL. That reminds me of that anti-Catholic list that pops up every few months with the supposed dates of each new Catholic invention, I ALWAYS get a kick out of the one that accuses Catholics of introducing wax candles in the 300AD…:shrug:.




Oh there are plenty of former Catholics who have become evangelical, that is the majority of evangelicals. They are made of mostly former Catholics.

My wife was Catholic who became evangelical, who eventually became Catholic again.

Feel free to PM me and I will be happy to discuss evangelical beliefs with anyone.

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You just made me realize something else! Most Catholics who fall away never had a good foundation in the first place. If a good percentage of Evangelicals are fallen away Catholics then what does that tell you about the average theological maturity/understanding of many Evangelicals?


I am a Catholic turned non-denominational Protestant turned Catholic, but I don’t suppose I ever considered myself a Protestant apologist either. :slight_smile:


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