Catholic Answers Focus: Is Francis a bad Pope?

Thank you Father Deacon Christopher (and others). That makes sense.

On a personal note, might I ask what Eastern Church you belong to?

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I feel like Pope Francis is a very good Pope… know some disagree, but the vast majority of Catholics has a favorable or very favorable view of him.

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He’s God’s kapellmeister

I am a bi-ritual deacon with both Western and Eastern faculties.

I serve the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Chicago Eparchy of the USA.

I remain a sinner,
Fr. Deacon Christopher


“Fr. Deacon” gave you away lol

Yes, I sign responses that way when the question I am asked relates to things Eastern; or when the questioner is an Eastern Catholic.

If the post doesn’t involve Eastern thought or praxis, I just sign Deacon Christopher.

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You should stick with Father Deacon as it may raise awareness of Eastern traditions. It’s an uphill battle gaining recognition in the larger latin world for all the Eastern communities. It could be a small way to help introduce more Roman Catholics to the universal Catholic Church? Just a thought. You know your own business though and I’m not trying to dictate anything at you!

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