Catholic Answers Magazine for CA Forums Patrons

Howdy y’all! Just wanted to extend a personal “thank you” to the folks who are helping us keep these forums going, and also to wish you a very relaxing weekend. :slight_smile:

Just an update on how the magazine thing will work: Anyone who makes a $10+ Forums donation up until the 28th of the month that the issue is released will get their copy in the mail.


Cool beans any chance we could also get some tracts even downloadable ones?

Looking forward to the magazines. :grin:


We stopped printing the tracts a while ago. My intent was to have them edited for length and then redesigned and put up on for anyone to download and print as many copies as they wish. I only got as far as the editing process when the stupid virus hit. Since then I have been preoccupied with a bunch of unforeseen challenges that distracted me from that project. But I will get back to it as soon as I can.


Sounds great :+1:


Hello, I have just become a patron. I dont live in USA and would like to forgo the option of a printed magazine being sent to me. Postage would cost more then my subscription and I am happy to access the magazine online. Do I need to contact anyone to say no thanks to sending a snail mail magazine?


Foreign donors will receive the mag in digital format. God bless you and thanks for the support! †


Thanks :slight_smile:
May God bless you and your work.


Is there a way I can opt out of the magazine mailing list? I really don’t have the time to read it and I would rather you save the printing and postage.

When the patron system began, I knew I already had a recurring $10 donation, which I’d thought was targeted to the forums, but either never had been, or had at some point fallen out of that category (I’m pretty sure I started it through the vBulletin incarnation of the forum).
So I stopped that donation and initiated a $5 donation to the forum (and became a patron – Yay!). But I didn’t want to the rest of CA “suffer” my new lower amount, so I also started a separate $5 donation with no particular designation. Problem solved (I thought)!
Then last month I received the magazine, which I was specifically trying to avoid.

I won’t read it.
I have no handy place to “donate” it.
I’d rather my donations be used for expenses other than printing and postage.


If you gave two $5 donations through the same link (the one at the top right side of the forums), then you need to cancel one of them. The software only looks at your account and the total amount given to the forums to determine what level you are at. If you want to give another $5 to Catholic Answers, go to and donate through there.

The only way we can do this is to automate the process, and it’s too much work for my crew to accommodate individual requests.

Please email mine, as I’m not stateside presently/indefinitely. I should’ve put that in my comment box when becoming a patron. :upside_down_face:

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I have to say that one of my biggest gripes with donating to CA or any group is the amount of snail mail spam I get. I don’t like e-mail spam either, but it’s easier to just not read it/ send it to a spam folder.

I don’t have time to read 1/10th of the number of magazines, mailers, etc I get. Most of it just goes straight to the trash and like Titivillus it annoys me that my donations are being wasted on killing trees and buying postage to send me stuff that’s a headache to dispose of.

If some charity group could ensure that I would never get a piece of paper in the mail, I would be happy to give them a much larger donation for the privilege. Just sayin’.
And when I see that for an extra donation I get the “perk” of a magazine, I say, No thanks.

I hope as time goes by, more nonprofits understand that a lot of us want to just live the electronic life…or not get pestered at all.

How much more are we talking about?

Seriously though, you don’t have to throw the magazine in the trash. You could hand it to someone else that might benefit from it. Just sayin.’


Hi Jon.

When will you be issuing the next e-version?

Many thanks, and God bless.

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The last issue was Sept/Oct, so I think the next issue will be out early-mid November. I’m going to check on that and get back to you.

My goal is to do something for patrons at least once a month, so my next project is to set up a webinar soon. I’ll keep you all posted on that.

God bless!


Hi Jon,

Many thanks.

Take care, and God bless.

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