Catholic Answers NAB


Wow, our RCIA director is using the Catholic Answers resources for our class. This past Sunday we were given the Catholic Answers NAB. Its really cool the way it has been put together with informative inserts throughout that answer many questions that those looking to convert might ask. I really like it so far.

Has anyone else ever used CA resources for RCIA? What do you think about them?


Pax Christi!

There’s a NAB that’s a CAF edition? What’s that like?

God bless.


I think the reference is to the Catholic Answer Bible, which is a Fireside, not Catholic Answers resource. It is, however, excellent.


:o, oops, sorry about the reference. i asked if it was from the same Catholic Answers as this site and i thought they said yes. a little misunderstanding. its still an awesome bible…


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