Catholic Answers needs to have account deletion option


I want to delete my account because since I’m scrupulous, being on here isn’t doing me any good but Catholic answers has no deletion option. I think it’s something that should have especially for privacy concerns. I don’t see any reason to not have this.


Closest thing I can think of is to manually delete every post of yours.

As for CAF not being a good place for you, you might consider asking camoderator to suspend your account if you feel that’s the best way to encourage yourself not to come on CAF anymore.

I believe they might also have a method to pull all your posts.


I agree. It would be a good option.


I disagree that it should be an option or be a good idea. Considering the number of active members who flounce and then return in addition to sock puppets it would make board management, well, unmanageable. Deleting posts whenever a random poster wants to would make for some unreadable threads if multiple posters delete their own posts in addition to posts deleted by mods due to rule violations.


Members can already delete their own posts. See below. (Within the next 24 hours.)


Isn’t there a time limit though? Also, I’ve noticed a lot of older “deleted” posts, as in deleted weeks ago but you can still read the post if you click on the pencil in the corner of the post. Maybe that was fixed when the software was updated or whatever.


And I’ll link to a “deleted but not really”, post if
I stumble upon one.


I am not sure that I am correct but I believe that if the thread gets locked before the deleted post reaches the 24 hours, it will remain.


Started the delete timer on the post. We’ll see if it goes.


This one to be exact.


Okay, so the 3/4 days time was not enough on its own to prevent the post’s deletion.


I agree, there should be an option.


I also wish I could find a way to delete my account or my posts. I came on the site today to figure out how to do it, but no luck. I don’t intend to never use this site, but I’d rather start over and delete my current account.


The mods can delete accounts. Have you asked them?


Well that horse has clearly bolted.

Accounts can be deleted. The mods deleted one quite recently. Can I ask why you need your account deleting?


@causer00000, we immediately changed your username at your request. We do not generally delete accounts unless they 1) troll, 2) were recently created (24 hours), or 3) have zero posts. Deleting entire accounts and posts disrupts the flow of threads. We will happily delete any post that contains personally identifiable information, but you must send us links to those posts. We do not have the resources to review all posts for a given account at request.

Is there any way to have your account deleted?


@Joanna92, if you would like your username changed or have specific posts you’re concerned about, please PM me or a moderator.

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