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Why are the majority of topics on this website about news events, the corporal church, evolution, etc…?

Hardly anyone is talking about Jesus.

Surely, there is a better catholic website out there.


Let’s start a thread about Jesus,


We’re all pretty much pro-Jesus.


Bon Croix what topic about Jesus would you like to discuss


It’s an apologetics site. It’s not called Catholic Answers for nothing. How does evolution have nothing to do with Jesus? Or the state of His church?





The majority of “Jesus” or “God” threads that I’ve seen here over the long haul (not recently) have been people of other denominations coming here just to challenge Catholic teaching on the nature of Jesus or the nature of God in a rather die-hard way. Personally I am thrilled to see the end of them. So, maybe I an not the only person who is gun-shy here on those topics.

How about starting a topic like “what Jesus means to me”?


It’s the Internet. Don’t act so surprised.


Why didn’t you post about Jesus then?

Got you there. I mean look at all of your old topics. Well regulated militia and actresses?Hardly about Jesus.


I wasn’t gonna go there but now that you mentioned it… :thinking:


Well then ,@Bon_Croix , I’ll talk about Him .

This is His day , the Lord’s Day .

About two hours ago I left church . And in the church I joined in the celebration of the Eucharist by which the saving work of Jesus , especially His passion , death , and resurrection are made present for us today . And not only that , but through the Eucharist I was able to receive the Fullness of Jesus , all that he is .

He also told us about time He healed a deaf and dumb man .

I met with people . And in every one of them I met Jesus . But , I confess , I should have been more aware of it at the time . It’s easy to forget that bit .

So , @Bon_Croix , how is your Lord’s Day going ?


If you find one, let us know.


Rob2, thanks for posting this yesterday:

My friends and I used it (among other resources) in our Sunday Scripture study group yesterday (Saturday).

Bon_Croix, at our meeting, we talked a lot about Jesus!


By that token and standard . . . why you starting a thread about this rather than about J3sus?



@Bon_Croix, I don’t know if this is a joke post or something but you do realize that you’ve created many topics on the site, and Jesus’ name does not appear in a single one of them? :thinking:


I know right. I’m kind of sick of hearing about the scandals and it is getting kind of boring.


So let’s talk about Jesus! I hear Jesus is the Son of God! He’s also a good Jewish boy who loves his mom. Pretty cool, eh? :sunglasses: Jesus has appeared to a friend of mine. My mother, RIP, knew two other women who had also seen Him. He’s still making personal appearances. Pretty cool, eh? We’ll get to see Him face-to-face someday, if we “remain in Him.” John 15:5


Possibly because the news is what’s on everyone’s mind. As Catholics, we’re probably all pretty content with Jesus. I enjoy talking about religion, but Jesus? I just pray to, think about, and stare at (in Adoration), am feeling nicely safe with Jesus – not so much with the news.


I guess for most of us keeping Jesus in mind is a given. I joined this site to discuss Church issues as opposed to theology and stuff, which I’m not as well versed in…


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