Catholic Apologetics Seminar in the Philippines


The Defensores Fidei Foundation is pleased to announce its Third Annual Apologetics Course.

We would like to invite all who are in Metro Manila and its environs who are interested in learning how to defend the Catholic faith. Please inform your friends about it too.

WHERE: 2 /F Red Ribbon Bldg. Missouri Street, Northeast Greenhills San Juan City
WHEN: 12 successive Saturdays, beginning October 13, 2007.
TIME : 8:30 AM to 12:00 Noon.
FEE: P 100 / person per Saturday session. Handouts are charged separately


Rev Fr. Abraham Arganiosa CRS
Rev Fr. Carlos Estrada (Opus Dei)
Mr. Edgardo de Vera
Mr. Marwil N. Llasos
Mr. Carlos Antonio Palad


  1. Church and Magisterium (Sola Fide?)

  2. Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition (Sola Scriptura?)

  3. Christology - Divinity and Humanity of Christ

  4. Church History I (Age of Martyrs, Nicean/Constantine, Inquisition, Great Schism)

  5. Church History II (Avignon Pope, Reformation)

  6. Papacy (Primacy, supremacy, infallibility and apostolic succession)

  7. Sacraments 1 (Baptism, confession, confirmation)

  8. Sacrament 2 (Priesthood and Holy Eucharist

  9. Mariology and the Communion of Saints

  10. Common Objections - purgatory, sacred images, sign of the cross, indulgences, etc.

  11. Understanding Philippine cults: INC, ADD, Quiboloy, Aglipay,etc. (their teaching and weaknesses)

  12. Understanding Protestants, JW, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, etc. (their teaching and weaknesses)

Each Saturday Session will be divided as follows:

830 AM - registration and film showing
9 to 11:30 AM - Lecture
1130 to noon - Open Forum

Please invite your friends and have them registered at Totus Bookstore 723-4326.



How much will it cost us for handouts?


The cost of handouts is already built into the PHP 100 / day fee.


Highlighted part says otherwise. Just wanted to make sure. Budget is tight…How about snacks? Lunch? …Just kidding!!! ha ha ha…


Well,whaddya know…I didn’t remember everything on my own announcement!

I really can’t give a fixed price for the handouts, since handouts per session will vary in the number of pages. However, rest assured that they won’t cost too much, certainly not more than 30 pesos per session!

Merienda is part of the fee, but not lunch.:slight_smile:

In the past two sessions, many students would stay for lunch and even coffee with the speakers, these lunches and coffee breaks effectively becoming extensions of the sessions. I and Marwil certainly plan to be around for several hours after each session in order to talk to the students, to answer more queries and to guide the study groups.


Hello. When might the 2008 seminar be?:smiley:


Sometime beginning September 2008.

The last seminar ended in January 2008 with a Latin Novus Ordo Mass (ad orientem) at Mary the Queen Parish in San Juan. Fr. Abraham Arganiosa ( was the celebrant.

I and Bro. Marwil Llasos just finished an Apologetics Seminar in Baguio at the Bishop’s House (May 17-18), talagang marathon sessions. The Vicar General of Baguio was very supportive and the Baguio Apologetics Group (Catholic Shield) was infectiously enthusiastic.


Alright, that’s great! I will be looking forward to it. And I wish all the best to all your events! I really think what you guys are doing is especially significant, given the fervor of Filipinos with regard to faith and the role our country plays in spreading the Catholic faith in Asia and around the world.:thumbsup:


Is that the only place you hold these seminars. I live in Las Pinas and without a car Greenhills is too far away.


That looks like a great program – congratulations and best wishes for a successful event. I hope you’ll have a great effect in the area - especially against encroaching cults and sects trying to take souls out of the Church.

(The question about when the 2008 event will be was directed to the typo in the date in your announcement that says October 2007).


Dear Friends,

The Defensores Fidei Foundation is offering its Fourth Annual Apologetics Seminar from September 6 to December 13, 2008.

Unlike the past three seminars, the fourth seminar will be free!

Date : September 6th on (every Saturday except November 1)
Time : 9 AM to NOON (registration starts at 8:30 AM)
**Fee **: FREE

**Where **:

September 6 - 27: Mary the Queen Parish (St Ignatius Room) Madison St. San Juan next to Xavier School.

October 4 to December 13: LayForce at San Carlos Seminary Makati


**Introduction to Apologetics **(orientation for seminar participants) – September 6
**The Church and the Magisterium **-- September 13
**Holy Scripture and Tradition **-- September 20
**The Papacy **-- September 27
**Sacraments I **– October 4
**Questions in Church History **– October 11
Sacraments II – October 18
**Mariology **– October 25
Christology – November 8
**Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura **-- November 15
Local Sects (Iglesia ni Kristo, Ang Dating Daan, etc.) and their Common Objections – November 22
Foreign (Protestant) Sects – November 29
**Contemporary Moral Issues **-- December 6

Graduation, Holy Mass and Christmas Party- December 13

(The Holy Mass on December 13 will be Latin Novus Ordo, hopefully ad orientem and with Gregorian chant)

Any questions, please call Totus Bookstore at 7234326 or email at

Defensores Fidei is contemplating holding an Apologetics Seminar in the Alabang area if there is sufficient interest from people there. I am the Master of Ceremonies in the Sunday morning Traditional Latin Mass at St. Jerome Emiliani parish, so those who are interested in having apologetics activities in the Alabang area can go up to me at the church entrance after the Mass. (The Mass normally begins at 9:45 AM and ends at about 10:55 AM)

In addition to the annual Apologetics Seminar, DFF is also inaugurating an Apologetics Seminar (one session per month) for the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP), with the first lecture at LayForce in San Carlos Seminary on the night of August 30.

We are open to holding seminars for Catholic groups and institutions. We held an Apologetics Seminar for the group of Bo Sanchez last year, as well as a weekend “crash course” in apologetics at the Baguio Cathedral compound in Baguio last May.


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