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I gained my Catholic faith. I gained purpose. I gained a reason for life greater than I. I gained back and then some, my passion for being Catholic. I won a couple arguments, drew to a stalemate in others to a girl and her family who were passionately non-denominational Christians. I needed help and Catholic Answers as well as many other CDs, radio and just the Mass itself gave me courage to stand up for what I believe as the fullest version of the truth. I lost my girlfriend and I miss her, but with her, I was missing my faith. We parted ways, and in this momment tonight I feel weak & I feel lonely. I have my Bible, but its so quiet and still, I have my prayers but they’re flooded with old memories of a relationship I do not have…It’s only typical heartbreak, nothing unusual. During my days I sometimes feel strong and victorious as I feel I presented my case for Catholisim well. This not to uncommon path of religion breaking up relationships almost reminds me of a theme “Christ before Diamonds” …maybe a book title someday.

I know my answer if prayer, but when I’m alone at night, I feel extra alone. At Mass, I feel I’m around my family. Tonight I almost caved in, and wrote my now exgirlfriend an email to meet up and talk… but everything is over for the right reasons.

Is there a Saint to pray to regarding recently brokenup relationships? Where might I find more comfort?
Thank you all, God Bless!


Turn to God for comfort, visit the Blessed Sacrament often, and read the Bible while you are there. He will console you.

It’s obvious that you love her much. Express your love for her by your prayer for her. It will be a sacrifice for you to lose all other contact with her, but offer up your suffering. Our walk with Christ is full of joy, but it’s never easy.

There is no way this relationship would have worked out unless she changed her mind about the CC, so you really had no choice. There would have been endless struggles if you continued to see her.

You are young. A year from now you may have a wonderful Catholic girlfriend; in 2 or 3 years you may be happily married with a child or you may enter the seminary. Any way it goes, I’m sure you have a wonderful life ahead of you. The sadness will be intense for a while, but it **will **go away.

Look to any of the martyrs for inspiration. You are a martyr of sorts, but they gave up everything. Pray to Sts Thomas More, Edmund Campion, and Margaret Clitherow.

Turn to God. He will turn your sorrow into joy.



Ursula, the daughter of a Christian king of Great Britain, was asked in marriage by the son of a great pagan king. Desiring to remain a virgin, she obtained a delay of three years. At her request she was given as companions ten young women of noble birth, and she and each of the ten were accompanied by a thousand virgins, and the whole company, embarking in eleven ships sailed for three years.

When the appointed time was come, and Ursula’s betrothed was about to claim her, a gale of wind carried the eleven thousand virgins far from the shores of England, and they went first by water to Cologne and thence to Basle, then by land from Basle to Rome. They finally returned to Cologne, where they were slain by the Huns in hatred of the Faith.


Thanks my brother for sharing your story. You understood that truth trumps all and, despite much temptation, you realized that it matters. It matters a great deal. You could have done like so many thousands of people–just pretended that it doesn’t matter, you will work it out, that your love will be stronger than this divide. You could “overlook” the differences and just live in the moment. But you know deep down that eventually, in time, it will come to the surface and be a very big deal. One of you would have been required to renouce your faith, not really fair for either of you. If you have had children, they would be torn between two faiths, and most likely have ended up with no faith. Realizing that their own parents weren’t willing to show a united front on faith, they would concur that it doesn’t really matter that much. No, you did the right thing and you have shown the rest of us the cost of loving Him through His Church. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. We have learned much from your sacrifice.


I appreciate your light RiverRock - I’m glad there are other goods that can come from this frustrating time, even if I don’t get the initial feel benefit from it. A few have told me, “You’ll look back and be proud of yourself,” or “even when things are complicated, stressful, & seemingly imperfect, the path will lead to somewhere priceless.” Thanks for all of your added strengths to my situation!


For what meriteth a man that he gain the whole world, but lose his soul?

May God bless and keep you, and give you strength in this trying time.


I wish that some of my children had shown your wisdom in this matter. They are now reaping what they sowed by heeding what my wife and I tried to teach them. It is not a pleasant crop to reap. These breakups can be very painful, but they do heal with time. On the other hand the crop my kids are reaping has no end. I will include you in my prayers. ****


Many many years from now, you may think to yourself, “phew, that was a close call” :wink:

Prayer will of course help. I might recommend praying the rosary. I never feel alone when I do that :slight_smile: Also, Eucharistic Adoration may be a great experience for you.

I would also recommend some reading. Something like St. Augustine’s Confessions is a great read.

God bless and welcome aboard.

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