"Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch" offering online confession

This is not the Catholic Church but the priest from this group is offering online confession now:


His parish: mysaintmiriam.org/about_us.html

What do you think of this decision?

It’s not a valid sacrament. (Sounds like simulation of a sacrament, which is in itself gravely sinful.)

It’s a schismatic ecclesial community. A branch of the “Holy Church of Do Whatever Feels Right to You, I’m OK, You’re OK.”

Pray for his soul and the souls of those who are led astray.

That is the strangest thing I have seen in a while. Lets see, you sin but going to confession is to much for absolution so you order it on line. This is histerical.

It is a bit like eating a candy bar online, or drinking a cup of tea or exercising online. The internet is not good for everything and was never ment to be so. Sometimes you must do it properly and not make excuses.

It is not a valid sacrament.

Don in Las Vegas


WE AFFIRM an individual’s right to complete freedom of thought, interpretation, conscience, and inquiry in all matters of our faith and belief.

WE AFFIRM our openness to spiritual truth wherever it may be found, whether it is in ancient wisdom, modern thought, mystical or daily experience, or one’s inner-knowing.

In other words, they believe in people making up things.

Our altars and Priesthood are open to all humanity.

So if someone says “Step aside Bishop, I’ll take over now.” I guess they got to let it happen :slight_smile:

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