Catholic applicable Thesaurus and Dictionary?

I have purchased a copy of Thesaurus that is not applicable to Catholic usage. I had bought it to match my dictionary (Merriam-Webster’s), which I have been using for years. (Not much better.) We do not have a book store where I live and the only resource available is the Internet which makes it very difficult to know if a particular Thesaurus would be conducive to Christian use. Does anyone have an idea of a Thesaurus that is useful to the Christian, or to be more precise, to a Catholic?

In what way do you find your current dictionary and thesaurus unusable?

It is not unusable, it is just not conducive to meanings, definitions and synonyms for words that have a Christian or Catholic connotation. It appears they were put together by atheists who do not and cannot have an understanding of definitions and synonyms of Christian words and it even sound like they were even hostile to Christian wordings.

An example been?

This is gonna be awesome…

Bartlett’s Roget’s Thesaurus did the trick.

As an English Language Major, I cannot stress the importance of words not being held exclusive to any belief system.

In fact, one of the most wonderful things about the English language (or perhaps any language for that matter) is how it grants its speaker the freedom to use the most ambiguous words yet make their intention with such words crystal clear with the power of context.

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