catholic apps

does any body use an app called ‘ignio?’

No, I don’t use it. All I know is that it is some kind of Catholic social app.

If you try it and if its good, please let me know

hi, it sounds good, available on itunes; well apparently, it limits 12 people-tells where they are on a map; being a social net work of those 12; i don’t know for sure-seems though that it might work if any local catholics (they don’t have to be catholic) to organize any social activity and include prayers or share prayers; well that being said thanks patrick

My favorite Catholic app is iPieta. I have it on my iPad and my Samsung Note 3. My favorite new app is The Pope App! It has Papa Francis daily schedule and new pictures everyday. I have downloaded the confession app, but the only thing it did for me was to promote great confusion.:shrug:

hi, thanks for posting; and yea-i was wondering about that confession app…seems all have a marketing strategy to sell these; so ergo my original inquiry…thanks patrick

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