Catholic aps for Android?

Can anyone recommend any Catholic-oriented aps for an Android phone?

I know there are some aps out there for the Liturgy of the Hours, daily Mass readings, etc. etc. but I’m new to all this and don’t know where to start–I could be missing out on a lot. I have done searches for “Catholic” in the Android market, but that didn’t result in much luck. All I found was a combination of too many aps that had nothing to do with Catholic, and the few that I did find weren’t of much interest or use. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place because I see a lot of posts here that make reference to different smart-phone aps but I just can’t locate them.


Here is a link to the LOTH one, iBreviary. It is the only Catholic app I’ve used. There are a few more if you search “Catholic” in the app store though.

Thanks. I haven’t figured-out barcodes yet (just the same folks, I’ll get to it when I get to it, so no “how to work a barcode” responses:thumbsup:) I went to

It still has to be downloaded through the android market, and I did find it there. I’ll download it and give it a try. Again, thanks.

Great! It works. The titles for the hours are in Italian (just the titles), but the text is in English. I can work with that. It’ll be very helpful for travel.

Ya, I’m not sure why, they used to be in English, but the most recent update changed them. The app is designed by an Italian priest and I wonder if he just forgot to translate those. :shrug:

The Android Marketplace is increasing it’s number of Catholic apps all of the time, but most droids can access websites just fine and view content as well, so don’t let applications limit you. Take advantage of internet searches.

I have an iPhone, and the number of Catholic apps there are rather substantial now.

Before that phone, I took advantage of web-based sites such as the USCCB site, which has a mobile version for accessing the daily readings.

Likewise, is the Catholic cable network’s mobile site that allows live video and audio feeds of TV and radio for many mobile devices.

Hopefully there will be a version of the iPieta app for Android. It’s practically similar to’s Faith Database.

I have the iBreviary app for my iPod Touch and the default language is Italian. You can change it to English in the settings. I’m not familiar with Android-based apps, but you might want to see if you can do the same.

Tried that. It does make the default language for the text English, but the names of the Hours still show in Italian–not a problem though.

Curiously, in the time I posted my response and now, I got a Droid phone and have the iBreviary app on it. Mine does the same. I think I’ll drop them a line – perhaps they can fix it in a future update.

It’s a great app though! I recommend it in either Apple or Android. :slight_smile:

I’m posting the following because Mantis Bible Study is planning on an Android version in the near future:

For those interested in Catholic Bible study on the iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a very real possibility of getting the best Bible Study app on the iPhone/iPod (Mantis Bible Study) to make the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (By Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch) available on their software. Its in the works but what we need now is for Catholics and/or Eastern Orthodox Christians to voice interest in possibly buying it if they were to make it available. I’ve spoken to both Ignatius Press and Mantis Bible Company and what we need is a display of interest (obviously they need to know that someone other than your’s truly is going to buy it.)

I’ve posted all the details on this thread in the “popular media” section of the CA Forums.
Or you can just head straight to the Mantis Website’s forums, read my recommendation and post a reply voicing interest (only if its genuine interest in possibly buying it if it comes available). That recommendation is here

Here are those URLs in case the links don’t work:

The details on the Catholic Answers Forums:

The recommendation on the Mantis Bible Study website:

Please consider taking the time to help with this.

I love the numerous Catholic apps available for my iTouch, particularly iPieta (also iConfess - what a great name for an app!). I am very disappointed with those available for my new HTC Incredible. Great phone, with all the bells and whistles, but lousy as an aid to my faith.

So far I have only loaded Catholic Mass Daily Readings and iBreviary (since they’re free), but still hope for a droid version of iPieta.

Anyone finding anything else as good as those for the iPhone/iTouch?

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Divine Office ( is now available. $14.99

So is Rosary Miracle Prayer from, $0.99, a bargain, they also have three books available for free.

Holy Rosary (by Jorge Panayotti) and Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross) are also available for sale.

MyPrayer, DivineMercy, Evangelizo, and Catholic One are all free on the Google Marketplace.

Offline daily readings can be found in the Android version of iMissal. $4.99

Confessions is $1.99 or so. The app that was endorsed by a US diocese.

Catholic Cheat Sheet is available in free and paid versions.

Catholic Chaplets 01, RosaryPlayer, Prayer to St Jude, and Lord Jesus Widget are all free!

Actualy, just search using keywords like Catholic, Rosary, Jesus, Liturgy in the Google Marketplace will yield this treasure troves of apps. Not as plentiful as On iOS (where you can find like over 20 rosaries), but at least Android now got most of the bases covered.

Another good one is Catholic One (used to be called Mass Readings):

It has daily mass readings, rosary, divine mercy chaplet, lots of prayers…


I’ve had my android phone(HTC Desire) for more than a year but to be honest I don’t know anything about apps:o
I was just looking if I can get a bible pdf download. I have one about the rosary and different prayers but it’s not an app. It’s a pdf file that you read with the PDF Viewer.
Anyways…I just downloaded an app which is supposed to be the Catholic Bible. It seems to work although it doesn’t seem perfect but it’s nice to have.

What do you guys think about it:

I intend to get a tablet pc at some point and it woukd be nice to have a bible version thatt feels like a real bible(if you know what I mean) and you can flip the pages.
It would also be nice to have all sorts of Catholic books for it that you can always take with you.

I just found this app that seems to be pretty good. It has loads of stuff and is free as far as I can see:

Wow, this one seems to be great. It has the complete Bible, prayers, Rosary and much more.

Lui, the app you found - Catholic One is one of the best Catholic apps in the Android market. As several posters in this thread had attested.

As I had said, you can find plenty of good apps (many free) with a Catholic leaning in the official Google Marketplace. Just search using terms like Catholic, Liturgy, etc. and read the reviews or description, to be sure.

As for a good bible, most of the FREE bibles are of the public domains ones that uses older forms of English. The Douay-Rheims is the one in Public Domain that has a Catholic roots. Newer ones like WEB, ESV, lacks some books that are in the Catholic version. If you are willing to pay a small sum ($30 or so), you can get the NAB version from Buy it from their website! That way, you can use it on any device you may have (Android phone, tablet, iPod, etc. It’s buy once use anywhere!)

As for Catholic books, most of the original writings from long ago (Thomas Aquinas, etc) are in public domain. Project Gutenberg might have them. Or again, if you are willing to shell out a little cash, you can get them preformatted from Amazon (Kindle). Summa Theologia is $2.99 The Confessions of Saint Augustine (Optimized for Kindle) is $0.89. As said, these are public domain works, so you are paying for the convenience, since they are probably available somewhere in the internet for free.

Thanks for the infos, techdude.

I guess the market for this is slowly expanding and in the future you will get most books. I really find it practical. For instance today I went for lunch and while waiting for my food, I just read in the bible which I now have on my phone with me all the time.

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