Catholic Archbishop Decries Plans for Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma City

A satanic group has rented space and is selling tickets for a black mass in the city’s civic center. The leader of the satanic group, who describes the event as a ritual offering a sacrifice to satan to receive his blessing, says he is fighting for “our rights for religious freedom”. The city’s Catholic archbishop wants city leaders to reconsider allowing the event in the city’s civic center.

The Archbishop ought to take a page out of Boston’s book! When threatened with a black mass, they instead had an adoration and celebrated Holy Mass. The crowds were so large that they overflowed the Catholic church and went into the street. It was a wonderful thing to see, and a witness to the power of God. Is this also the place where the statue of satan is planned to be located?


And why not a Eucharistic procession in the streets as well. Now THAT would be powerful!


Jim Brown, the Civic Center’s general manager, said he respects the archbishop’s stance, but the Civic Center is a public building and the city must abide by the First Amendment and allow it to be leased to any group that agrees to abide by all laws and city ordinances.

Exactly my initial thought. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and I suspect that if the shoe were on the other foot: the archdiocese putting on an event at the Civic Center and some non-Catholic group requesting that the city forbid its use; His Excellency would be (rightly) upset that the First Amendment rights of his parishioners were being violated.

In any case, I don’t think Catholics need to worry too much about major scandal. This group seems rather pathetic:

Brown said the same basic group, operating under different names, has previously leased space for three similar events, beginning in 2010.

“The first time they drew about 40-some people, the next time it drew eight people and the last time it drew no people — they had zero attendance,” Brown said. “I was surprised when we were contacted by them again.

This is a better approach, in my opinion:

If the event moves forward, Coakley said church leaders will consider other peaceful, prayerful and respectful options to demonstrate opposition.

Along with prayers to God asking that this wicked even be cancelled we can and should also write to the Mayor of Oklahoma City asking him to do whatever is in his power to cancel this event.

**Mayor Cornett’s email address is:

As always we should be courteous in our emails to elected officials, especially when requesting their action on a matter of such importance. **

Actually I think it is better to ignore them. The Archbishop is playing right into what they want… attention!


I must respectfully disagree with you.

If your mother, or father, or son, or daughter, or spouse were soon to be publicly mocked and assaulted, covered with urine or other bodily fluids, and otherwise molested would you just ignore the people committing these actions? Wouldn’t you try to stop this from taking place???

We’re not talking about a small child throwing a temper tantrum at the grocery store who can be ignored with no real negative consequences resulting from it. We’re talking about people who are going to publicly desecrate the Holy Eucharist. Christ’s Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. If you truly believe that Jesus Christ is present in the Holy Eucharist, then you should care enough to at least pray that this event doesn’t take place.

I’d give attention to someone who was trying to harm a family member or loved one. I’d give them the attention of doing whatever I reasonably could to stop them from harming that person. So much more then for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I would NOT want to have Christ look at me after I die and ask me why I didn’t speak out or at least pray when I learned that He was going to be treated in this manner. We must learn from the mistakes of the Apostles who all abandoned Our Lord during His Passion and not abandon Him now.

I’m Sorry, maybe this is my bad, I did not realize they had a consecrated Host for their black Mass. My apologies. I am in complete agreement with you in this case.:eek:

The website of the group in question seems to claim that they have a stolen consecrated Host. (They go into great detail about what they will be doing to Our Lord during the satanic mass, but again you can find this on their website if you can stomach it.) Whether this is a lie or not can’t be verified of course. But any satanic group trying to perform a satanic mass would always seek to steal the Holy Eucharist, it’s an integral part of their abominable ceremony.

No need to apologize to me. It appears to be simply a case of miscommunication.

Sorry if I got a little intense in the last post, but this is Our Blessed Lord we’re talking about. :frowning:

I agree. Now I would really to see that on the paper, or on the news. Really, I seriously think that it would make good news.

Latest news on the planned satanic “mass” at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.

Guys, feel free to sign and forward this petition from the TFP Student Action: Petition to Stop the Black Mass.

If they’ve stolen a consecrated Host, would there be legal grounds to stop this? Stealing is still against the law.

Not really. After all, they are freely given out at every Mass. What anyone does with it after it is given to him is kind of beyond civil or criminal law.

St Michael defend us in battle…

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