Catholic Archdiocese ends support for Susan G. Komen

It took a while, but the right call was made. Yet another American Archbishop- this one a late JPII appointment- shows some moxie and supports Catholic teaching!

Well done

Good, there are far more worthwhile programs dedicated to finding a cure AND supporting the true nature of women.

Komen was bullied by Planned Parenthood and essentially shaken down like a classic mob protection racket would. But in the end, Komen buckled under to PP. You can’t support that.

It’s really obnoxious that PP can manipulate funding out of Komen when PP isn’t remotely involved in activities that help find a cure for breast cancer. But that’s just what bullies do.

Well said, sir!

Amen! Even worse the number of females in Congress who howled like scalded cats as if the pittance SGK provides Planned Parenthood would actually be missed. Since when does CONGRESS get involved in the financial matters of two 501c3 organizations? I guess it all depends on whose ox is being gored.

Planned Parenthood has a stranglehold on Big Feminism and the females who adhere to its teachings continue to worship false gods.


Good point- the percentage of PP’s budget which comes from SGK is a drop in the bucket- PP could easily forgo it. It is the principle of control over all feminine health care that is at stake, not the money.

Good for the Archdiocese.

It is stupid to support a “anti-breast cancer” organization who supplies money to cause breast cancer.

As it should be!

Every diocese in the country should be coming out with the same position.

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