Catholic archdiocese performed exorcism at Oklahoma civic center

Oklahoma City’s Roman Catholic archdiocese said on Thursday that its archbishop and a priest performed “prayers of exorcism” to help rid the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall of dangerous spirits after a satanic “black mass” was held there.

The black mass was held Sept. 21 at the venue by a satanist group known as the Dakhma of Angra Mainyu Syndicate despite protests from the archdiocese. Thousands of people demonstrated outside the event.

Thanks be to God.

I can’t believe we tolerate Satanism, let alone allow it to parade around at a public Civic Center masquerading as a real “religion”.

This country has really fallen off the path. We are so misguided.

If they don’t feel up to making Satanism illegal, which it should be, it should not be permitted at public places.

Thank God for the exorcism! Amen to that! :thumbsup:

Was there some sort of demonic manifestation occurring at the civic center to cause the Archbishop to think that an exorcism was necessary? AIUI, diocesan exorcists aren’t given permission to perform exorcisms unless there are very good reasons to believe a possession has occurred.

" If they don’t feel up to making Satanism illegal, which it should be, it should not be permitted at public places."

Impossible without violating the constitutional rights of this country. The separation of Church and State happened a long time ago.

Many people were outraged and demonstrated against the event.

You cannot make satanism illegal without trampling upon the rights of everyone.

This is just the beginning. In the past these satanic rituals were performed in secret, private places now they are “coming out of the closet” so to speak. Prepare yourself for more of the same. It is mostly just a publicity stunt but I believe it will continue in other “shocking” ways.

Wasn’t that poor woman beheaded by her co-worker a few days after the Black Mass? It looks like an exorcism was in order. Who knows what kind of evil has been invited into Oklahoma.

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