Catholic arguments

I want some arguments againsy Atheistic Materialism

I think you are being a bit too vague. Specifically, whom are you trying to convince. Also, what is your angle. Your title appears to ask for religious arguments, but those don’t really work on atheists.

Your money or your life, was a book and PBS program. Excellent arguments against materialism.

Affluenza was also a good program.

Bothe the above provide excellent non-religious arguments against materialism

The best arguments against materialism are the non-material things that define your life.

Love, beauty, happiness, morality. These are non-material things.



If everything is just material, then there is no reason why we should think that anything we say or do isn’t just the inevitable out-come of physical processes because what we think say and do is just a physical process. But if it is true that we don’t have freewill or freedom of thought, then its pretty amazing how everything we say and do and how we respond to one another is logically consistent and not chaotic, almost as if its been scripted.

For that reason alone i would say that on some level an absolute materialistic worldview is necessarily false because in principle it cannot be a reasonable explanation.for everything we experience. Neither determinism, randomness, or chance sufficiently explains the qualitative nature of the effect.

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