Catholic Art for the House

So as i posted on another thread, my wife and I are hoping to become parents in 2018. It’s made me think that our house should look less like the rented house it was last year and more like the family home it’ll become this year. I’ve always loved Greek and Russian style ancient paintings and am thinking of buying a decent size painting (on wood) to take pride of place in our living room. It turns out these don’t come cheap but it’s not an everyday purchase so i don’t mind spending a bit on it. But if i’m going to spend a bit then i want a picture that is both good and meaningful.

Can anyone recommend their favourite pictures and or the artists name and maybe say a bit about what makes it special to you?

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oops I didn’t know about that com. not being good.

Insert obligatory “avoid Monastery Icons” post here. :stuck_out_tongue: Because reasons.

I’d thought about getting a company with a stable of painters to reproduce something cool, rather than getting a print. But we never could agree on the sort of paintings to try and have copied.

The woman at has absolutely stunning prints. Dozens and dozens, suitable for framing. I highly recommend her.

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I have a framed poster of

It’s in my living room, basically the first thing that really meets your eye when you come through the front door.


Any recommendations?

sorry I didn’t know about Monastery Icons

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They’re better at hiding their connections these days, so if they didn’t get on your radar years ago, it’s easy to miss. :slight_smile:

Christ pantocrater is a popular icon and I know Byzantine Catholics make wood carvings of it

Yeah it’s currently top of my wish list so i was checking for other ideas

I have always liked Bouguereau’s Song of the Angels:


I love Bouguereau’s work.

I have a small print of the Virgin with Angels on our living room wall. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a couple of the Holy Family that are particularly nice. My all time favorite and the one that I own is one of the Child Jesus, El Divino Nino. I love it becuase it reminds me that He has everything in His hands.

Poke around the thrift shops and yard sales in your area. You may find something you really like

When I glanced at this thread at first I thought I read, “Catholic AI for the House”.

Lovely, tasteful calligraphy Scripture verses.

Divine Mercy Art seems to have some nice prints on canvas at a more than reasonable price and I think part of the money goes to spreading the message of Divine Mercy.

The things in my home that have meaning aren’t those I’ve picked out and ordered online to fill a specific space. They are things we have made or purchased on travels or discovered by accident. Blank space is an adventure waiting to happen.

So, that said, go somewhere, do something, and while there look for art that is meaningful to you or a way to create art that is meaningful to you. While you are planning on going from two to three it’s a great time to relish the last months of just you two and do something together.

Whats “in” Style?: Multi Panel Canvas Art, you can get custom work here:

Shop around but that’s the best stuff out there for home decor atm

I have one: “Christ of St. John of the Cross” with the view from
ABOVE His shoulders, painted by Salvadore Dali in 1951. It
hung in a small chapel(Presbyterian) in Hong Kong that I attended.
It speaks to me that the Father was “in Christ, reconciling the
the world to Himself” 2 Cor. 5:19

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