Catholic Article: "Are Ouija Boards Satanic?"

“The origin of these boards is not from a game. Rather, they come from a practice of “channeling” or “divination”. Channeling is asking the dead to give us answers to questions or power and is an ancient – and dangerous – practice.” Then this article quotes passages in the Bible very strongly saying not to use such practices.

“Ultimately, this is a dangerous practice because it is an attempt to seek spiritual power from somewhere other than God. If this is the case, then demons or evil spirits are most likely the ones supplying it.”


ABSOLUTELY and they should never be touched or gotten or even used by anyone who is Christian. They are the opening satan needs to get into someone’s life. GET RID OF THEM AND NEVER EVER use them.


This thing is as evil as evil can get. It’s not only bad because it’s used for ‘divination’, which is against Church teaching and condemned in the Bible, but if you use it, you can unintentionally open up a portal to the demonic world. It has been known to lead to demonic infestations, obsessions, and even full blown possessions. You should never even buy one, but if you already have one in your house for any reason DO NOT BURN IT!!! EVER!! Call the local chancery and ask to talk to someone that can tell you how to dispose of it, preferably someone familiar with demonology or exorcism.


I would say that it is best to stay as far from those things as you can. They are NOT toys and can be very, very dangerous.


What is that? Is there some danger involved in disposing of such as object by fire?

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From Catholic Answers; Are Ouija boards harmless?

On the experiential side of the issue, we have the testimony of the Church’s exorcists. Their experience shows that Ouija boards are far from harmless. Some investigating supernatural phenomena from a Catholic perspective have gone so far as to say that 90 percent of their very worst cases involving demonic activity have been linked to the use of the Ouija board.


I can’t actually remember where I heard about it, but there was someone that was discussing the Ouija board that said it should never be burned by anyone that has ever used it, because it can leave the “portal” or “gateway” open to the demonic.

I remember being very upset when I heard that, because I once owned one, when I was still young and stupid. After having some weird experiences while using it with one of my best friend’s daughters, it revealed some things to us that didn’t make sense at the time, but they later happened. That’s when I decided that playing with that kind of stuff was probably not a good thing for me to be doing. So, around that time, I had done some more research about it and decided I needed to destroy it. We used to heat our home with a large wood stove back then, so we broke it up and tossed it in. The weird sounds, as well as the bright colors and intensity of the flames that came out of it, really scared the Hell out of us.

It might have been in a Father Chad Ripperger video about demonic possession where he mentioned that it should never be burned, but I can’t be absolutely sure. It also might have been Zachary King, the former Satanist, that said it. Either way, it was not a good way to destroy it, even though a lot of people seem to think that’s the way it should be done. :worried:


I doubt Fr. Ripperger would have given such advice. I’ve listened to several of his conferences on spiritual warfare over the years. You may have heard it from Zachary King, but I can’t for any reason think why he would give such advice. It’s not sound advice in keeping with Church teaching.

As I understand it, the only thing that keeps a person open to demonic attack is because they continue to allow the demonic into their own lives. It has nothing to do with whether the Ouija board has been burned or not. When someone has committed a mortal sin, they allow the demonic to gain the right to attack them (and only if Jesus permits it for their spiritual benefit). The sacrament of reconciliation and a firm purpose of amendment not to commit a sin is enough to break any right the demons might have over a person for committing a mortal sin. To attribute such power of keeping portals open or closed to a Ouija board is just as superstitious as using one.

The only way burning the board would present a danger is if a person somehow substituted it’s burning as some sort of ritualized replacement for going to confession and penance. Burning the board does not erase the sin committed from using one. Once again, that would be superstition.

But, burning the board after going to confession might be considered a sign of having a full purpose of amendment. In other words, and outward sign that one will never use it again.


Are toy companies still allowed to sell Ouija Boards?

If they are; why?

As has been said above they are not a toy by definition

I played with one on my own on one occasion as a kid for a few minutes and luckily had no experience whatsoever. Never did anything with one with another person.

My step mother and a friend had a really strange experience once after using one many years ago. Whether it was related to their using it or just coincidence I have no idea.

A friend of mine - a father of four, told me the story of how at home one time, while he was praying his Rosary as he regularly does, he was suddenly overcome by a feeling of apprehension. What follows are his words paraphrased :

“I just knew something wasn’t right. So with my Rosary still in my hand, I asked Our Lady to show me what was wrong. While I was still praying the Rosary, I was led downstairs into the basement where a lot of the kids’ stuff was stored. Then I was led through all of those things straight to this ouija board. So I grabbed the ouija board and threw it in the garbage right away.”

He claims his peace returned immediately after he had thrown out the ouija board.

On occasion, if we are having coffee and there is someone new sitting with us who hasn’t heard the story before, he will re-tell it for them. Usually he adds at the end of the story with emphasis , “Our Lady showed me that ouija boards are not good!”


Thru your Baptism, you can participate in Jesus’ mission of deliverance prayer and the undoing of evil in this world.
The practice of the occult involves activities such as playing with Ouija boards which is often looked at as a seemingly innocent game of fun. It is not. It still invokes spirits that are not of God and can open a persons soul to the influence of evil spirits. It’s obviously a lesser evil compared to something like making a contract with Satan or joining a coven or participating in a black mass.
Christian Healing Ministries in Jacksonville Florida is a great resource for all types of healing prayer.
I would pray a prayer of repentance renouncing any occult activity and other personal sins and recommit my life to Lord Jesus Christ and serving Him and I would go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and go to Mass frequently to receive His Precious Blood that protects and gives life.

Prayer of Repentance
Almighty God, I am sorry for all the sins that I have come committed throughout my life [take a few moments to name particular sins] and I renounce in the name of Lord Jesus Christ my involvement in the occult [name the activity] and I break any curse, hex or spell sent here to harm me or my family or that I may have sent.
Please forgive me. I am sorry and I turn away from every thought, desire, and action that I know is wrong.
Thank you Jesus that you died on the cross for me so that I might be forgiven and set free. Thank you for forgiving me and for giving me your Spirit. I now receive that gift.
I ask the Holy Spirit to come and fill my soul with Your Peace, Joy and Love. Please come into my life by your Holy Spirit to dwell with me forever.Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Because most people don’t think they actually do anything and think people who claim they’re demonic are just being dramatic or superstitious


They are evil. Never mess with them you open a gateway for demons to lie and deceive you and terrorize you.


Don’t forget that one of the biggest reasons that those people who still make and sell Ouija boards is for money. Pure greed. I might even go as far as to say that there may be a far more sinister motive, which is that someone in their company (if not the owners, themselves) does it to spread the evil influence that it promotes, far and wide.

You may be right. Like I said, I’m not sure exactly where I heard about it, but I usually try to stick with sources that are connected with the Church when it comes to this type of thing. I have watched many of Fr. Ripperger’s videos, and Zachary King’s, as well as several others who have all spoken about the influence of the demonic in the world, about exorcisms, hauntings and many other related subjects. So, it could have been from any one of those sources.

I have also watched and read about these subjects from many other sources, but I typically take them with a grain of salt. Mainly because they tend to have a slightly different slant to their beliefs about them, that don’t always line up with Catholic teaching.

National Catholic Reporter , according to a 2006 interview with Father Gabriel Amorth - Rome’s chief exorcist (who passed away in September of 2016 , God rest his soul) reported that Fr. Amorth repeated, as he has on numerous occasions :

“People have lost the faith,” he said, “and superstition, magic, Satanism, or Ouija boards have taken its place, which then open all the doors to the presence of demons.”

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A rosary is beads, string, and wood or metal. A medal is metal or wood. A scapular is felt and string. I don’t think it’s the material that matters, it’s the intent behind it, and the forces working through it.


A forged document is a piece of paper. It can still be used to do harm.
A handful of salt is just salt. It can be thrown in someone’s face to hurt them.
Penicillin is a useful medicine. But if you inject someone who has a violent allergy to penicillin, you do them harm.

A Ouija board is just a piece of cardboard until some evil spirit uses it to do harm. And there is plenty of evidence that evil spirits do use the Ouija board to do harm.

Edit: and what Stephen Bales said.

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