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thanks, your work is awesome! :thumbsup:

Awesome! I’ve been doing 3D and 2D art for about 6 years now. I look forward to seeing other Catholic art out there. :slight_smile:

Can you post some of your work?

A couple I did quite a while ago:

Sure! My specialty is game art, but I do some print art as well. I’m trying to learn how to draw the human figure better so I can do religious art better. Right now I stick mostly to technical art or non-human organic.

Guitar 1
Guitar 2

Banjo 1 (closeup)

Piano 1

As for game art, this is some stuff I did for a medieval game.


Hi all
I’m delighted to have stumbled onto this thread! I, too, am an artist and I try to thank Him each day for this talent. As I’m a technical slowcoach, it will probably take me a while to post some of my work here but I’ll do my best! Beautiful work all round, people! Keep up the fantastic job!
God Bless,

Btw, Marvel Comics brought out a special edition comic on the life of the great Pope John Paul II in, I think, 1983. I’d love to get a copy of it!
God Bless,

Hi all,
The link to JPII is:

God Bless,

Just thought I’d post this piece I did recently.…oss_final1.jpg

Light rays are so blasted hard in Blender (my 3d modeling software), so it’s not quite the way I wanted it, but I did like how it turned out. There’s a bit of symbolism in the picture too, but it’s fairly subtle.

Very nice, Alexander!

The Parting of the Reed Sea

A couple of pics of a (yet-unfinished) diorama I’ve created in Sketchup.
Only the crosses are my own work actually (the stipes is a different piece from the patibulum); the rest were preexisting models. :o

This is supposed to be a model of Golgotha, BTW (sorry for the not-so-Jewish looking passersby).

Patrick, your pencil work is excellent. Have you tried painting?

Amazing work here. I’m just someone who sketches for fun, but I love the religious themes of the great masters—and I occasionally paint Madonna and Child on wood or beach rocks.

Nah, I don’t have too much faith in myself with a paintbrush. We often do them in school, but my painting’s just terrible, for lack of a better word. :blush:

Updated the Golgotha model a bit:
From the wall
Street, #1
Street, #2
Near the Garden Gate
From the outcrop
The rocky outcrop
From the slope of the hill (Gareb?)

Pope Pius XII


Is that pencil of some sort on a colored ground?


It is charcoal on halftone paper.

Charcoal? Un. Be. Liev. Able.

I used to work with charcoal. The best I could do was smear black all over myself and the paper. Excellent work!

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