Catholic attending a non-denominational church?


Hello, I am a Catholic and my boyfriend of almost 4 years is a Christian. I have recently attended his non-denominational church a few times. I know it’s not in my best interest to keep attending his church since I am catholic. But, I do it to support him. Since, we are a couple. Every time I go to his church I just fill unfulfilled spiritually. Is it ok for me when I visit his church to just sit back and not participate? Or what should I do when I am at his church?


Does he attend Mass with you to support you?


Of course you can go!


Yes. You must still fulfill your mass obligation in addition to attending his service. You can pray and sing as you feel comfortable doing. Just refrain from any communion they may have.

Sing, pray, and sit/stand/kneel as they do to the degree you feel comfortable doing so.


Hi, @lolashy. You can go to your boyfriend’s church and participate, but BE CAREFUL. Catholic and Protestant beliefs are so similar that we need to be wary of what they say, and make sure we know which parts are right, and which parts are wrong. There are several differences between Catholic and Protestant beliefs, so again, be careful.

Make sure you’re also attending your own church. One of the Precepts of the Church is to go to Mass every week during the Sabbath (Saturday 4 p.m. to Sunday 6 p.m.).


Mass at any time on Sunday fulfills obligation.


I’d very much suggest you get the DVD “Common Ground” (or you can stream it on Amazon Prime)

Watch it with your boyfriend.

Then, think long and hard, is this the way you want to live the rest of your life?


I’m non-denominational and have been married to a Catholic for 15 years (we’ve been together probably around 18yrs). Participate however you feel.comfortable, I’d recommend to at least stand when they stand and sit when they sit (the same way you’d expect your boyfriend to participate in Mass…unless he just sits there, which I think would be weird).

Sorry to hear how unfulfilled you feel. With my wife it’s the opposite: We get much more from my church than hers. The sermons are usually geared to everyday life and you walk away with something to think about where at her church we get 20min of “shaming” (her word, not mine) and a commercial for their school.

If you have any direct questions, let me know. You can always send them via PM too, I’m cool with that. Be forewarned, there will be users that will come in and tell you to throw your relationship out because A, B, C, X, Y, Z is going to happen because you’re in a “mixed” relationship. Personally, from experience, make sure you talk about it but we didn’t sweat it. We’re both Christians and have mutual respect for each other’s faith background.


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