Catholic attending Coptic Orthodox Church...still Catholic?

And that’s the million dollar question: Is it important enough to inform relatives that they are doing something illicit and thereby immoral, and allow my wife to be unjustifiably (IMO) upset?

Or you could just drop it (publicly - you are more than entitled to pray about it privately) and keep your wife and likely everyone else involved happy.

As an Eastern Catholic, I see nothing wrong with it. In our eyes, as long as a Church has valid sacraments and shared our faith, it is okay to receive the sacraments from them.

Respectfully, you seeing nothing wrong with it is irrelevant. It is what Canon Law SAYS is licit or illicit that we must follow. As a Western (Latin) Rite Catholic one must not REPLACE the mass or any valid sacraments therein from the Orthodox faith which is not in full communion with the Holy See. The Orthodox Church shares MOST of our faith, but not all. They don’t submit to the authority of the Holy See, they don’t speak about the Immaculate Conception, do not emphasize mortal sin, and a host of other theological differences. They also allow annulments if one spouse is caught cheating which in and of itself is not a criterion of a Catholic annulment…and it goes on.

Keep in mind too that this same Coptic Church that my Catholic siblings-in-law now attend WILL NOT comply with the agreement between both churches to allow a Catholic to receive the Holy Eucharist at THEIR masses. I would be refused if I went up for communion.

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That’s the Latin code of canon law. We don’t follow it. Our code of canon law says differently.

Ok. Does the Eastern Code of Canon Law permit a practicing Eastern Catholic to stop going to Eastern Catholic mass and replace it by going every Sunday to an Easter Orthodox mass and also raising their children in the Eastern Orthodox faith?

Not permanently, but we are allowed to attend Orthodox services. And we DO raise our children in the Eastern Orthodox faith.

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So you and your wife are not allowed to permanently attend Orthodox masses but you are raising your children in the Othodox church? Parents Catholic. Children Orthodox. Why?

We don’t raise them in the Orthodox CHURCH. We raise them in the Orthodox FAITH. We hold the exact same faith as the Orthodox. Same theology, same spirituality, same doctrine, same discipline.


I’m confused.

Okay, I’ll break it down for you.

  1. I am Eastern Catholic.
  2. Eastern Catholic theology and doctrine is different from Roman Catholic theology and doctrine.
  3. You are Roman Catholic.
  4. You have different theology than us.

ok. so why are you raising them in the orthodox faith if you all are Catholic?

I don’t think you’re understanding. The Eastern Orthodox faith is exactly the same as the Eastern Catholic faith. By raising our children in the Eastern Catholic faith, we are de facto raising them in the Orthodox faith as well.

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The Eastern Orthodox Church’s official name is the Eastern Catholic Church. I presume this is in fact what you are saying.

But there are Eastern RITE Catholic churches are Catholic and not Orthodox.

I am an Eastern Rite Catholic. Full union with the Pope.

My friend. Perhaps I will find out that I have been clueless, but you can’t tell me that a Catholic of the eastern rite is exactly the same as an Eastern Orthodox. They are two different faiths entirely. Yes, the Eastern Catholic Church is in full communion, but the Eastern Orthodox are not.

They are the same faith. Watch this video of our patriarch.

Some Eastern Catholic Churches may consider themselves “orthodox”, perhaps loosely considered or falsely so. But as a Catholic, I can assure you that Rome does not. Eastern Catholics are in full communion with Rome and the Orthodox are in schism, and for a reason. They are two distinguishingly separate churches.

Lol you’re wrong. You’re just another latinizer. Our Churches have suffered enough because of people like you. We are Orthodox in communion with Rome. POPE SAINT JOHN PAUL II SAID AS MUCH. And if our faith is so different from the Orthodox, then please explain why Pope Francis is ready to accept communion with the Orthodox without any common faith other than the creed.


How did you misunderstand me??

I said you, that is the Eastern Catholics ARE in full communion with Rome.

What I also said was that Eastern Catholics are not the same as Eastern Orthodox who are NOT in full communion with Rome, but in schism.

They are two distinctly different churches with similar faiths.

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