Catholic audio books

Hey I really enjoy audio books, in two ways:

  1. just listening to it while driving
  2. listening to it with the book following along

Does anyone know where to find MP3 audio or regular CD audio Catholic books.

Anything Catholic would be good. Just looking to expand my library.

Audible has 65 books when I search for Catholic there may be even more if you actually know a Catholic author to look for.

My apologies in advance for:
*]Recommending a not-quite-Catholic author, and
*]Recommending 20[SUP]th[/SUP] century technology, but:

One of my favorite books-on-tape that we listen to on long car trips is CS Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters. Could they have made a better choice of voice than Monty Python’s John Cleese? :smiley:

Maybe it is available on CD or MP3 somewhere?


I doubt that it is on MP3 anyplace, but get Raymond Arroys(sp) on Mother Angelic’s life on CD. It is really good!

We live in Irondale, a friend and I were listening to it (our kids grew up around the monastery as we homeschooled, so you know we are familiar with the area) and she said, “my, Mother Angelica sounds young.” I cracked up laughing! I said that is Raymond - she was a bit embarrased - but laughed too.

Well, he does all the voices of the people having conversations where he can, just that well. And, it is that life like, everyone that has listened to it, has just gotten caught up in his reading of her life.


Thanks for those links.

Check out the Mary Foundation. They have many free audios.

There are lots of places you can download Catholic classic audiobooks for free -,,,

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