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I’m a big fan of audiobooks and go through a lot of them when I am working on the house, driving, etc. I’ve really gone through a ton of the classics. But I can’t ever seem to find any decent Catholic audiobooks, either through my library or online. I haven’t even found a decent audiobook version of the Bible.

So my question is does anybody have any suggestions for some good free Catholic audiobooks? And where can I find it? I’m open to fiction, philosophy, theology, spirituality, etc. I’m not looking for tracks that are just the recitation of the rosary or other prayers.

Thanks for any suggestions.

There are a few at Librivox, I think Imitation of Christ, and several Chesterton and a bit of Belloc, and maybe Robert Hughes Benson? These are all pre-1923, and thus offered for free.

There aren’t a lot of Catholic audiobooks online, but there are lots of Catholic talks. One sort of meta-site–links to lots of sources–is Sonitus Sanctus. Lots of variety; I particularly like Argument of the Month Club and Institute for Catholic Culture, but there is a huge amount of other types there. Since he married, he hasn’t posted as much, but it’s very comprehensive.


Oh, also search for CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library) which is Protestant but has a lot of Catholic material, some of which has been audioized (?); and EWTN has an audio library of a lot of their programs. If you are unfamiliar with EWTN shows, hit search under programs with no parameters and you’ll get all the shows.

It’s a bit of tangle to wade through, but try Search under audio by putting in key words of anything that comes to your mind. Obviously, Catholic key words will yield a bigger list of things you may like.

For instance, I just put in Saint Jerome. Top of the list was a short talk by Fr. James Kubicki, S.J.

Second on the list was Assorted Letters of St. Jerome - 9 of them in various lengths.

All the audios on that site can be streamed or downloaded into your MP3 player or onto disc.

One of my favs is a 4-part retreat talk given by Archbishop Fulton Sheen Just put his name into “audio”.

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