Catholic authors Old Earth vs. Young Earth


I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a few books by Catholic authors that argue either for Young Earth Creationism or for Old Earth Creationism. I’d like to get a grip on both views from a Catholic perspective. Thanks!


For your information

From the Catholic perspective, both Young Earth Creationism and Old Earth Creationism are in the material realm of science. The Catholic Church, regardless of who is saying what, does not have a doctrine on the precise age of mother earth.

Therefore, the only Catholic Doctrine regarding old and new earth is the one which begins the Creed professed at Sunday Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
“I believe in one God, the Father almighty,
Maker of heaven and earth,
of all things visible and invisible.”


Best one I have read from a Catholic author revealing that the earth is around 10,000 years old not billions. So, its still old.




This is probably the most scholarly book you’ll find on the topic:

Here’s a link to the same book from the Kolbe Center:!/The-Doctrines-of-Genesis-1-11/p/18903341/category=3268836.


For those wishing a quick look at a wide range of views on Fr. Warkulwiz’s book referenced by the above links, see the following:

Enthusiastic agreement

Initially in enthusiastic agreement, but on second thought, not

Strong disagreement

A review incorporating Ratzinger’s scholarship


An Old Earth position is given in Section One of the Hart Series, Parts 3 (Creation) and 4 (The Human Person) of the following book:
Basic Elements of the Catholic Faith
Based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church by Peter Kreeft
General Editor Father John A. Farren, O.P.

Also check out the Veritas Series section entitled Some Lessons From Genesis and the section entitled God’s Story of Creation


We are allowed to believe either but frankly I do not see any credibility in a young earth. That makes no sense at all.


I recommend A Catholic Perspective on a New Attraction.


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