Catholic Bashers at it again

I had a chance to read and to my disappointment find out that on today’s “The View” all the ladies were bashing Catholics. The only thing is that I can’t find the video of this online so I can make a complaint with all the information. Check this article out and then let me know if anyone finds anything. We need to fight this. It has gone on too long…calling it freedom of speech. Also check out Catholic League’s news archives to find the article on Imus and Catholic bashers. Very sad what has been said about Jesus, Mother Theresa, and Pope Paul II.

It is sad that we have to take this. But OTOH, I remember growing up in a Catholic grade school and trying until the age of 22 to keep just a homosexual orientation secret. All the jokes here and there about homosexuals. This is also sad. It caused me alot of depression through my youth. Now I just laugh it off and don’t let the ignorance of others bother me and I use this same method for my Catholic beliefs.

I don’t know why that show is still airing. I mean, I don’t know a single person that watches it because it is so disgusting and immoral, and that is aside from their misguided offenses. Maybe because I am in the South and it is easy to be conservative here and being lady-like is still an admirable quality to cultivate.
Because I am scandelized pretty easy and my poor husband has to hear me vent in great detail, that **** is never on in my household. I figure, if you would not invite them in your home for tea and a chat in person, it isn’t fitting to have them profaning the sacred in your home from the television.

Rosie will be gone soon…at least it’s something we can cheer about.

What is everyone’s opinions of Bill Donohue? He does a lot of good bringing things to the spotlight that are attacks on Catholicism and working so things like that don’t happen but sometimes he doesn’t handle things so well. Many of his interviews that I have seen turn to attacks on the people themselves by calling them idiots or things of a similar nature.

People used to watch it (and probably still do) in the break room of the hospital I used to work for. But luckily it was on so softly that I didn’t even know what it was about until I left to be a SAHM and heard complaints about it from the Catholic League :smiley:

It was also playing in the waiting room of a dentist I went to recently. Hubby and I made fun of them to pass the time and because it was blaringly loud (someone behind the reception desk was watching :rolleyes: ). Sure made us glad we don’t have TV, all that noise and filth can stay out of our little sanctuary!

What is everyone’s opinions of Bill Donohue?

I remember his talk show when I was a child. I alwas thought he looked like Ralphie from “A Christmas Story,” but all grown up.

I think you’ve got Bill Donahue mixed-up with Phil Donahue (of talk-show fame).

Ha! Thanks for the correction.

Bill Donohue does our Faith a disservice by appearing as a sanctioned spokesman for the Church.

He needs to either tone it down or assume and executive position and let a cooler head go on the talk shows. I realize that the pundits have him on the show exactly because he is so acerbic and brash; because it makes Catholics look back.:blush: :tsktsk: :banghead:

I really wish he wouldn’t go on the talk shows.:blush:

I disagree. He is standing up for Catholics in a very anti-Catholic world, especially in regards to the media. He is blunt because he has to be. He stands for the truth and you either take it or leave it. I don’t like the lovey dovey of religion where you don’t take a stand for the truth. If he didn’t represent us when attacked, who will? God gave gifts to people who he felt can handle standing in the line of fire, some are soliders for God, some are called to do something else. I am glad he is on our side.

Well, that stupid show bashed the Passion of the Christ movie too. That woman who really was out of line with her comments on that show made me re-evaluate a lot of things. And since that day I have never watched it and will never be the same in other ways.
Bring it on Catholic haters! You will never win.

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