Catholic Bashers Spared Imus Treatment

The Imus case is proof of the duplicity of the MSM.

**Catholic Bashers Spared Imus Treatment **

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented today on the way Catholic bashers are treated as compared to Don Imus:

“Two years ago, Penn Jillette (of the comedy team Penn and Teller) went on Showtime calling Mother Teresa ‘Mother Teresa’ and called the nuns who worked with her ‘’ Showtime is owned by Viacom and that is why I wrote to its chief, Sumner Redstone, to register a complaint. He wrote back extolling the merits of ‘artistic freedom’ and ‘tolerance.’ Last year, on Viacom-owned CBS radio, Jillette said Mother Teresa ‘had this weird kink that I think was sexual,’ compared the saintly nun to Charles Manson and said she ‘got her [sexual] kicks watching people suffer and die.’ Again, nothing was done about this.

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The MSM must be held accountable for this duplicity.

I agree. It’s amazing how most of those disgusting examples of hate & bigotry went virtually unnoticed by the MSM. The last acceptable predjudice indeed:mad: .

Two years ago? You can forget about any accountability at this point - that’s old news. It should have been dealt with at the time, sadly, that just never seems to happen.


It’s not just Mother Theresa Bashers who get off, it’s also the rap & hip-hop artists who are topping the charts saying the same things as Imus.

I think every company that cares about goodness and decency should pull their advertising from any radio station that plays stuff by any of those “artists”.

I love that Bill Donohue put this all together in this statement. It clarifies quite powerfully the unbearable double standard of this politically correct culture where the only acceptable insults are those leveled at Christians. I know he can be a brash spokesperson at times, and the subject of withering criticisms (even among other Catholics). But I think if I had to spend every day reviewing and revealing all the hateful anti-Catholic actions and statements made by those in the public eye, I too would be very cranky and cantankerous!

Bill Donohue is a great guy. He is a excellent example of Christ to the world. He has respect from Opie and Anthony after their deal and has been on their show. Bill doenst back down and tells it like it is, honesty always deserves respect.

All of Christianity is under attack but most primarily the Catholic Church and not simply from outside of her. This is certainly true theologically. St. Paul wrote about it in the first century. But the recent virulant attacks can be easily traced to an outgrowth of all of the splintering of the Church. Every split is like a festering sore into which the enemy enters to destroy the Church and her people.

The most recent infestation stems from the so-called Enlightenment. Here a group of cynicl “new men” and “free thinker” have set up there own grab for power not for the benefit of the people nor as an exptresion of Godly authority but as an expression of their greed and lust. The only way they can do this and the only way they can continue to be successful is to mock and ridicule the Church. They do it all of the time and it is mostly quite intentional.


At some point, we need to may them pay financially either through legal action, refusing to listen to/buy from the MSM or boycotting major sponsors of the MSM. The latter two we can do now. If we do boycott, we must let the sponsors know.

Time to get militant against the MSM.

They Are A Bunch Of Liberals! Why Are You Surprised?

Sure, and Bill Donohue gives Sean Hannity a pass every time Sean bashes the Church, the Pope or Church teachings.

I lost interest in what BD after seeing how often he looks the other way with CINOs.

I was telling my husband the same thing last night. Barbara Walters can bash us all day long and nothing is said.
But it does go to show what we can accomplish if we (Christians) stick together and raise enough stink.
We all say things we regret and I feel Imus’ apology should be enough. Will Al Shapton apologize the the lacrosse team?

He won’t. :rolleyes:

Perhaps he passes SeanHannity because they enter into dialoge. Bill doesnt look black and white at things so conversation can happen then understanding, there is more to it than nailing people to crosses. Good thing God doesnt deal with us that way, wed all be smoted by now.

I agree, except for the fact that Hannity has years of history bashing the Pope, the faith and proclaiming his dissent against the Church’s teachings on contraception. Sean even attacked a very faithful Priest on his show over the issue of contraception and BD never has said one word about any of it…I suppose if you call yourself Catholic, BD gives you a pass.

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