Catholic Basics (or, How do I become a Saint?)

What are the basic things I ought to do to be as good a Catholic as I can be?

And then, what must I do beyond all that?

What can I do personally to be a Saint?

Holiness is nothing more than simply doing the will of God in your life.

If God has called you to be a spouse and parent, then avail yourself of His grace to be the best spouse and parent that you can be. If God has called you to clerical or religious life, then avail yourself of His grace to live that life fully in accordance with His will.

To be a saint is to be someone who is in heaven or while on earth is in communion with them. You don’t need to do great things or change the world or follow a particular methodology. Simply discern God’s will in your life and in the circumstances you find yourself.

To paraphrase Mother Teresa: you do not need to do great things, you only need to do things with great love (of God and neighbor).

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