Catholic becoming Protestant

Is it possible to Catholics that have become protestants to be saved? Every single one of my family members are in this situation. They said that they were not engaged in the catholic church. I don’t think they saw scriptural evidence for the sacraments and did see corruption in the Church. They love Jesus, but seem to be unaware that they were leaving his true church. I am thinking about becoming Catholic but I am heartbroken to think my family would be damned if they made an honest mistake when they thought they were following Christ and learning about him.

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”“Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”

“Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us. Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.

  • Mark 9:38-41

I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong (or even if I’m not) but I believe the Catholic Church teaches that it is possible. Aside from canonized Saints, we don’t know who is or who isn’t in Heaven. It is totally possible for Catholics that have become Protestants to be saved. We won’t know until we (hopefully) get to Heaven ourselves.


God isn’t out to say “Ha! Gotcha!”


The reason that it is not so good is that one without access to the sacrament of Holy Communion cannot receive the nurturing of that sacrament to eliminate weakening through venial sins. And without the sacrament of Holy Confession a person must have perfect contrition to deal with mortal sin, if it occurs. Of course this assumes that the person has invincible ignorance, which does not seem likely if there was catechesis.


No, God isn’t. But how about the Devil?

It’s not ONLY about loving Jesus, though. There is a not insignificant difference between being a full member of His Church and being an apostate (or formal heretic). You should definitely pray for your family that they come home to the Church. I will pray for you. :pray:

But the Love of Jesus is the most important part for everything else to make sense?

Yes, what if they did not have a relationship with Him in the Catholic Church?

You can’t be in the Catholic Church without having a relationship to Jesus. You receive Him in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity at every Holy Communion. Whether it’s only a formal relationship, you can’t improve your relationship by apostasy. You might be able to see other sides to Jesus, but it won’t be an objective improvement unless you come back home.

Arguably, yes. But again, there are many points to Catholic theology. Christology is an important part, but it can’t stand alone.


It will without the love of Christ… without that how can anything else you do matter. Learned that in church today.

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They are in the church, they have a relationship with God… that will never be taken away… trust in the Holy Spirit to guide them.

Yes, but a genuine love for Christ also draws one to His Church. :heart:


It’s possible for everyone to be saved. That is certainly God’s offer to everyone.

Whether any specific person is saved depends on whether they die in a state of grace. And that depends on what they know, what they do, and their relationship with God.

Ordinarily, sanctifying grace requires baptism and the sacramental life including confession, Eucharist, etc. however, God may act outside the Church via extraordinary means.

Pray for them.

God does not “damn” us for “honest mistakes”.

Pray for them, continue to be a good example, pursue the Truth in the Catholic Church, and leave the rest up to God.


How can I trust God in this situation? Any advice? I have such fear for this.

Just start off with prayer. Pray not only for your family, but that you might have comfort in this difficult situation. Pray whenever you have struggles, especially like this. Imitate our Lord in the garden, taking all sorrows and pains to God in prayer. He will give you respite.

With regard to the original post, I am Protestant and as I will say to anyone. You must go to where you feel it is right between you and God, and where you truly believe you belong. It is like I have said to others just become part of a church. But to be sure and I think all will agree that the church follows Biblical doctrine concerning the following: Godhead (Trinity) Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, Jesus became flesh walked this earth sinless and die in the cross for all of mankind’s sins & rose on the 3rd day and is seated at the right hand of God, baptism is a must for salvation, and also the taking of communion.

With regards to this about canonized saints, I didn’t know someone has a hotline to know that certain ones are in heaven. No pun intended. Take for instance Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for being a heretic by the Catholic Church, but then later made a saint. Confusing?

exactly… trust in the Lord to fill you with the Holy Spirit to guide you to do His will.

meant to reply to this comment… hope there wasn’t any misunderstanding because it looked as if I was quoting myself.

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Isn’t that the point of canonization? The Church attributes miracles to the intercession of a particular Saint? Wouldn’t that require the Church to know for a fact that the soul of this particular Saint was in Heaven?

I’d say you should trust God in all situations, but that’s easier said then done. Prayer, and talking to your priest might help… talk to your family, maybe place your trust in them,until you can trust God. You know your family better then we do, are they really doing anything that is taking them away from God, Protestant do love, follow and praise Jesus… are they not doing that?

I say pray, until your trust in God builds, pray to Him about it.

The father instantly cried out, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!” Mark 9:24

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