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Can anyone recommend a good Catholic bible commentary (both in print and online if possible)? I know there are a lot of Christian ones out there online and in print, but are there any that are written or endorsed by the Catholic Church? I want to make sure what the commentary is in line with what we believe.

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If you are looking for a Catholic commentary that focuses on the traditional interpretation of Scripture in light of the Church Fathers, papal letters, and Council documents, there are several that I can recommend:

  1. The Haydock Bible Commentary. This is a very useful Catholic commentary that was published in 1859. You can access it here online: or you can search for it on Amazon for a hard copy. The best thing about this commentary is that it brings together the best items out of several earlier Catholic commentaries. Because it is free, this is my go-to commentary when I have trouble understanding a passage of Scripture. Be aware that it was published before either the First or Second Vatican Councils, and it could do with some updating in light of their insights.

  2. The Navarre Bible and Commentary. This is a more recent Catholic commentary published by the University of Navarre in Spain. It is a huge work, with many volumes, and it combines a lot of quotes from the saints with the insights of the Second Vatican Council and the Catechism. The printed volumes can be purchased through, but there is no free online version that I know of.

  3. The Great Commentary of Cornelius a Lapide. This great Catholic author wrote a commentary on every book of the Bible except Job and Psalms. It is focused on answering the interpretations of Protestants and proving the Catholic Church’s doctrines from Scripture. It is very, very long, and many volumes. The New Testament is also freely available online:

  4. The Ignatius Study Bible. This is published by several Catholic teachers at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. The best thing about it is that it boasts essays and notes from the best contemporary Catholic authors like Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, Patrick Madrid, and other Catholic theologians and apologists who you probably hear from on EWTN. The printed volumes can be purchased through, but there is no free online version that I know of.

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I would second the Haydock Bible. It was done by a Catholic priest who studied Scripture. The footnotes are often much much longer than the verses themselves!


Great answers!


This isn’t the complete Bible, but the studies that are on this website are excellent! Very thorough!

Also, I heartily concur with the recommendations of the Navarre Bible and the Ignatius New Testament study Bible. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when Scott Hahn and company finish their Old Testament commentary.


I would also recommend the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture:


For online resources I recommend the Aquinas Study Bible site which has lots of Church Fathers and commentaries by Saints and great Catholic theologians.

Also I am working on a project of getting the standard Bible commentary of the Church in the Middle Ages which is the Glossa Ordinaria. 1-3 Epistles of John is about to be published within the week.

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