Catholic Bible Features


:confused:I am looking for these basic features in a NAB-RE (catholic) bible:

  1. Full Size 6" X 9" or (8.5" X 11")
  2. lay flat binding
  3. 14 point font size
  4. imitation leather cover: burgundy (not black)
  5. color map of the holy land in NT
  6. highlighter friendly paper (no runs to the otherside)

Does such a bible exist? If so please let me know.
Thanks in advance for any information you may have.


Highlighter bleed is not the fault of the Bible but of the choice of highlighter.

Switch to gel based highlighters and gel pens and you will not have bleed.



Right. Unless you get one of those gigantic Bibles, most bibles are going to necessarily have thinner pages which a typical highlighter will bleed through. I have seen in Christian bookstores specific “Bible highlighters” that do not bleed through.

Here’s a Bible from OSV:

It’s beige faux-leather, though. And I’m not sure about the color map. I’m not sure if that’s a deal breaker for you or not.


Thanks for the info about gel highlighters. I am going to buy one. By the way I am still looking for a 8.5 X 11 NAB-RE bible with all the other features listed earlier.:slight_smile:


Catholic Book Publishing Co. publishes one and it is very good. Very bold print, very little bleed through and you can get that faux cover in different colors. The also make a Famitly Bible in the larger format that you are looking for.


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