Catholic Bible in Spanish?

Could someone please recommend a good Catholic approved Bible translation in Spanish?

Good commentary would be preferred.

Finally, where I can buy it online (this will be a gift for a native Spanish speaker)

Thank you

Stewardship, Mission of Faith, Is active in the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Scranton and Allentown Dioceses with displays in many churches featuring, books, CD’s and phamplets. They distribute not only bibles but caticisms as well in Spanish. If you can’t find them at church, call Stewardship at 717-367-0100 and ask for Ashley. Tell her that John in Gettysburg gave you the info. She should be able to help you.


Our Pastor dislikes many of the Spanish bibles that are sold, but we’ve found ONE that meets his pretty strict criteria.
It’s a youth Bible , but we find that our Spanish speaking RCIA candidates like it because it has lots of explanations, commentary, and how to use, how to find references within the pages.


We get them off Amazon, but they have a website as well:

You can get it free there. It is a free software though, you need a PC.

If you click my signature link and click the spanish flag, there is the Torres Amat version which is analagous to the Douay Rheims in english.

Biblia de Jerusalén and Biblia de Navarra.

As a follow-up to this post… I purchased the Biblia de Navarra for my Grandmother, who wanted a Spanish Bible.

After all my research, it seemed like the best bet.

Thank you all

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