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I am interested in purchasing a Bible software program for my laptop, and am looking for suggestions. I have looked at Logos and BibleWorks, among others, but would love to buy a program with multiple Catholic Bibles and commentaries. Does anyone have any advice as to a Catholic Bible Software program? Any recommendations as to one Protestant program over the others?

I do not know of any Catholic software other then what you have mention as to protestant Software check out the software is free along with dozens of translations and commentaries available for download, even the Early Church fathers you can load down for free. Modern translations are available for a fee. It has many great features as to doing side by side comparisons and and a great verse search feature. It does have the 1899 Douay-Rheims and the Vulgate available for free download. They are trying to have more modern translations available(copyrights) and I e-mail them periodcally asking them to try to get NRSV and NAB, who knows:shrug: It is a from a protestant site but the software is great for the money -free.:slight_smile: It is a great source for bible scholars - Download time depens on your conection speed, or you can make a small donation and they will send you a cd with the software and many of the translations.Here is an article about e-sword

I am a PDA user, so I have downloaded MANY bibles from

They are mostly Protestant, but they do have Catholic Bibles.

Most of this is even free (but donations are welcomed)

That is a neat link, you might want to check out e-sword also.:slight_smile:

Yes, I did look at e-sword! They have many of the same, but there are unique bibles to each one

The advantage to Olive Tree is that the software I get from there is for my PDA

The advantage to E-Sword is that it’s for desktop applications

Now, if I could just get one to read it to me… and make the rest of the world go away:blush:

Run a search for ‘vulsearch’ on google, a free programme which enables you to search both the DR bible and the Vulgate side by side. Nice little readup on how the programme’s creator did it too!


e-sword sounds like a good program… but im a little weary about the commentaries and dictionaries (because of its protestant bias)… whcih commentaries/dictionaries would be good to dl for a inquiring catholic convert? (I dont even know if i’d dl the church fathers one as it is coming from a protestant bakcground)

I really like “Welcome to the Catholic Church”, which has bibles, catechisms, histories, encyclicals, ECF docs, council documents, canon law, and homilies.

It’s also crosslinked, which helps.

I have e-Sword downloaded and love it. I do not have a PDA, so Olive Tree is out of the question for me. :frowning: It looks good, but it is not available for computers.

The Early Church Fathers on e-Sword has no contemporary commentary. It is just what the Early Church Fathers wrote. There is no Protestant bias there.

what about the other commentaries and dictionaries? What should one dl and what should one be weary of?

I happen to like to read Commentaries.

Usually, if they begin to speak DIRECTLY against the Church (something I don’t recall ever seeing myself), I would put that one away.

Then, there are those who speak against Catholic beliefs and doctrines. Things like Once Saved, Always Saved, and Salvation by Faith Alone. Those, I can read and even learn from, but when they get to those types of teachings, I just discount it ‘OH, that again’.

That’s me, though. And it has come after a great deal of studying and discernment.

Overall, most commentaries are very helpful in learning about what you are reading.

Remember: Catholics and Protestants DO have many points of agreement.

They are not all wrong, and we are not all right.

I would suggest getting the commentary for yourself, read it for yourself, and discern for yourself what you have before you.

Just my call.

thats the problem though… i am a new christian who does not have a lot of knowledge and I will believe many things i read. So, not having a solid catholic educational foundation could be problematic. I could start to believe un-catholic doctrines.

NewAdvent is offering on their CD their web site:

The Catholic Encyclopedia. Originally published in 1914, this incredible reference work contains 11,600 articles on every Catholic topic imaginable. Revived on the Internet in the 1990s, it is still widely considered to be the best Catholic reference work in the English language.
The Church Fathers. The ancient Christians come alive in this classic 38-volume collection.
The Summa Theologica. St. Thomas Aquinas
answers 4,000 questions about God and the universe.
The Holy Bible in Douay-Rheims (English) and Vulgate (Latin) versions.

Also available interlinear Bible and concordance search software - free, powerful and easy-to-use -
overcome the language barrier and get in touch with the original

One could put together their own Catholic Bible program by obtaining Douey Rheims in Html off the web site, St Thomas Catena, Catholic Commentary from a few web sites, since most are not compyrighted and are now free public domain, that is who E-Sword is able to make available for free because most of the Bibles, commentaries etc are freepublic domain meaning they are no longer copyrighted.

Which catholic commentaries do you refer to? I’d love to get a hold of some free RC ones

Here’s the Haydock Commentary available for free on-line. The Old Testament is 66% completed, but the New Testament is complete. If you buy a Bible with that commentary, it will cost around $100.

These two are free to copy and are free public domain
This one by St Thomas is also free to copy and is free public domain St Thomas Aquinas Catena Aurea Church Fathers commentary on the Gospels
other wise known as The Golden Chain is a commentary on of the Gospels by the Early Church Fathers compiled together.

this one is free to download for your personal use only and

The following I believe is still copyrighted and it is no longer in print but is on the internet in a library which costs $30 a month to access. One can copy I believe here as long as its your own personal use: A Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture Dom Bernard Orchard M.A

The Navarre for daily Mass readings can be accessed here
Navarre commentary Daily Mass Readdings

a good Catholic Concordance similar or better than the next two
sites Catholic Scriptural Crib sheets

Hello, this is my first post to this forum.

Has anyone ever tried eBible by Thomas Nelson? I am considering getting the Deluxe version, but have concerns about whether it fails to offer/present the Catholic perspective. I am getting my first laptop next week and have been in a Catholic men’s bible study group for years. I would really like to start bringing my laptop with me and have instant access to some answers. The other guys will still have their regular bibles (which I will probably still take along myself).

KEY aspects I am looking for = the bible text itself, a concordance, commentaries, maps, short biographies of names and geographical areas. I am looking at Welcome to the Catholic Church also, but I may be priced out of that one. The documents included there – especially the Catechism would also be very useful at bible study.

I’ve seen the eBible available for about $30; and Welcome to the Catholic Church for around $100. Should I save my pennies? :confused:

I’m not sure if anyone already posted this, but the Vatican has a cool website that will allow you to download some stuff, including a really good Bible commentary.

After looking at the various program descriptions, I think I am going to go with Welcome to the Catholic Church. I think that the extra documents and direct linking are really what sells it to me. Different members of our group have brought different commentaries and reference books at various times, but the ability to follow direct links and have immediate access to the Catechism makes it very appealing.

I will possibly also try e-Sword since it is free.

Now just waiting for Dell to ship my laptop! :thumbsup:

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