Catholic Bible Story Book for 8-16 year-olds?

Can someone recommend a very good Catholic Bible Story book for children between 8 and 16?
Thank you for your time,

It costs quite a bit, but it is soooo worth the cost…

skip the ‘story book’ format and stick with the Bible, but invest in Jeff Cavin’s Great Adventure audio or DVD series to guide them through it. It makes soooooo much more sense when you have his commentaries and explanations added. He’s coming up with a children’s version real soon, too, if you can wait for that. Attend a seminar first, if you have one in the area and then that will at least help you figure out how best to introduce your children to the bible as a real journey into their geneology. I recently attended a seminar for only $50…took my 16 year old son along and he really enjoyed it.

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