Catholic Bible Study Recommendation

I realize that this is a loaded question… Having been educated in Baptist and Evangelical schools, I am fairly well conversant in the Bible. Now I am Catholic and I have been given the opportunity to start a Parish Bible study. The problem is that I need to select which course to use. What are your suggestions?

The requirements are that it must be
…Orthodox and Catholic. (Having an Imprimatur would be nice.)
… Adult oriented.
… Group oriented (not individual Bible Study).
…Easily lead by a layman with minimal formal training.

There are tons and tons of these. Thus far I know of the following series:
Come and See
Little Rock Bible Study Series
Agape Bible Study (free on-line)
Catholic Scripture Study International
Catholic Scripture Study, Inc.
Journey Through Scripture
The Great Adventure

I’m sure that there are many, many more. Any input would be welcome.

Yours in Christ,


The Great Adventure study by Jeff Cavins would be good, however I have never done it but I know it got lots of good reviews.

I have been doing Catholic Scripture Study International, and am doing one on the book of Ephesians right now. This is really detailed (and hard) but I am learning SO much. I think that you may try a harder bible study and see how people respond to it. :slight_smile:
-We break up in small groups to go over the answers to the questions, and the teacher has a little lecture on it.
Good luck!!

I have done Jeff Cavin’s Great Adventure Bible Timeline (8week) and loved it! Everyone in our class liked it so much that we are starting his 24 week program so we can learn more. He just came to a parish near us and did a day seminar on Revelation. I learned so much and he is a gifted speaker who has a way of keeping your attention. Definitely gets my vote:)

You’ve mentioned pretty much all the big hitters that I would have listed. I would recommend alll of these except perhaps for the Little Rock Study. Event though it’s been around a long time, is well organized, and has lots of supporting resources, it leaves a lot of people cold and unenthusiastic about Scripture since the materials favor critical scholarship and a slightly anti-supernaturalist approach.

I have no such reservations about any of the others.:slight_smile:

Since he has DVD’s that do the actual teaching, a facilitator does not have to be well trained. The workbook and questions are discussed and the facilitator has the answers. His color coded timeline helps you to remember the books and time periods of the Bible and the characters involved. Great for people studying the Bible for the first time too.

Go to and Scott Hahn has a web based Bible study class you can use.

You might want to check out the ones from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Click here for a description of their Journey Through Scripture Program.

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