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We would like to begin a Catholic Bible Study in our parish for about 50-60 people. The only program I am finding is Jeff Cavins The Great Bible Adventure. It is a little salty for ordinary people to participate. (We already did Scott Hahn’s and Jeff Cavins Our Father’s Plan). We would now like to start a more intensive study on either individual books or Catholic themes that does not go on for unlimited weeks. We also would like it to be faithful to the Magisterium of the Church. Any suggestions???

Thanks a million for any help you can provide.

I believe Scott Hahn may be coming out with his own Bible study books. I am not sure of this but that’s what I thought I heard.

Catholic Bible Studies

I think it’s called the The Ignatius Study Bible by Curtis Mitch and Scott Hahn. Here’s a link:

I think they only cover the Gospels right now but the intent was to cover the whole Bible. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I am going off something I read a while back.

:slight_smile: Well, all I can suggest is maybe talking to the person who does Catholic Scripture Study every week. You will find from the link who it is and how to contact him. My church has a bible study that has gone on for years, 25 years to be exact. The person who heads it can contact you, if you are interested. Just send me a message via ‘Catholic Answers Forum’ and I will get back to you. Good Luck!


There’s another very good Bible Study with Scott Hahn and others at St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology website:


Another one that I have a little bit of experience with is the “Little Rock Scripture Study” series. We did the book of Job in 7 weeks, with a 1.5 hr weekly meeting that included a 20+ minute video at the end of each session. They do many more books of course, but I only have experienced Job.

I have to also give a “high altitude” thumbs up to the Jeff Cavins series. I have the packet purchased from EWTN’s site that includes the reading plan. I purchased it just for myself to give me a reading plan that followed the historical line, that my family can read together. The reading plan looks pretty neat…

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