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Can anyone recommend a good revised catholic Bible?

Douay-Rheims Bible

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New American Bible, Catholic Edition is the version used in the Mass readings. I read somewhere that the vocabulary was 6th grade level, or something like that. I bought the RSV (Revised Standard Version) Second Catholic edition because my reading level is higher than that. (It was higher than that when I was IN 6th grade! :D) I also have the Douay-Rheims bible, which I like. It uses the same language as the King James version, but it’s Catholic! I believe it predated the KJV.

My poor knowledge, for what it’s worth.

The RSV-2CE is great!
Also, they have a RSV-2CE study bible (very nice) but just the New Testament by Ignatius Press.

The Catholic churches here in Australia use the Jerusalem Bible.

I have the Revised Standard Version - 2nd Catholic Edition as a hard copy and then I have the Douay-Rheims on my nook. I like to use both depending on the purpose. I like the Douay-Rheims because of its authenticity and the RSV-2nd CE because it is more modern and can be easier to read. I would recommend the RSV-2nd CE over the New American Bible.

I have the NRSV-CE. I like it because it’s the “Youth Study Bible” version. Very good with very helpful summaries and notes in the beginning of every book to put things in perspective (which helps a lot with the Old Testament). It also has little notes like “Pray It” or “Study It” at different points in the individual book.

I like it. I’ve considered getting an RSV-CE, but personally, I already have a personal Bible (the NRSV) and like the notes.

I also have a Douay-Rheims, but it’s a small hardcover with small print and hard to keep open. It also doesn’t have many notes (just the Chancellor ones I believe). Though I use it if I want a more traditional translation, and if I ever quote a passage, I usually turn to the DR first then the NRSV.

The *Good News Translation *and the Anchor Bible.

Both are the result of interdenominational scholarship, Catholic, Protestant and Jewish, so sectarian bias is minimized.

I think that we could give a better recommendation if we knew how you intend to use the Bible. Study tool? With children? Just to read the stories?

Take a look at this article for some more info:

I have the Douay-Rheims, RSV (The Ignatious Bible), The Jerusalem bible. I like them in that order.

This may help:

These are not imprimatured Catholic Bibles. The intro notes may be but not the texts.

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