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I was told in RCIA that we as Catholics dont take the Bible literally but I read the Catholic Bible and it all makes sense. I came from a protestant backgroud and could only take the eucharist literal. I have aspergers I have trouble taking things in metaphoric forms, When I listen to mass I believe it. Same when people joke I take jokes seriously. Ive had kids make fun of me cause I couldnt tell when to be serious and when not to.I laugh for no reason and talk to myself. aspergers is a form of autism. It may be a gift I dont know. I have a lot of faith. I like the extra books in the Bible I read mass I have the magnifcat magizine. Now that Im Catholic I dont understand how protestants take the bible literally and yet only see the Eucharist as a symbol. I enjoy the adoration. I like having a relationship with Jesus and reading my Bible everyday, I pray my rosary too.


You said, “when I listen to the Mass, I believe it.” Congratulations, you understand perfectly. When it comes to the Bible, remember that the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church is the lens through which we understand the Bible. Some is allegorical, some literal history, and things like Song of Songs and Revelation are open to interpretation.

You have a lot of faith,you say. Then CatLady, you have a gift! Celebrate it!



Welcome to the Church, Catlady1979! :bible1::heart::cake:

May you always be as blessed and as happy in your faith as you are right now.


Catholics take some parts of the bible literally, and regard other parts as not literal. All denominations do the same thing. No church takes every word of the bible absolutely literally, otherwise we’d all be gouging our eyes out and chopping off our hands every time we sin. Any Christian that says they are a “bible believing” Christian is full of you-know-what. They don’t believe all of it, either. They are a bible cherry-picker like everyone else. Catholics take the most important parts literally, like the Eucharist and the necessity of good works in our salvation.


Some parts of the Bible are allegorical but much of the Bible is literal.

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It’s nice to see you posting again. :slight_smile:

It seems that you’re doing just fine with everything.

May God bless you on your journey of faith. :slight_smile:


Yes. !

Literal Scriptural Passages



My DEAR friend in Christ,

A more accurate teaching would be that everything in the bible is TRUE, BUT not everything in it is Literal.

The Bible uses a great many different forms of written communication, as one ought to expect given the fact that the OT was about 2, 000 years old when the NT was authored. And than the fact that the NT has many different CATHOLIC authors, from a verity of backgrounds and levels of education.

While the Bible is FULLY inspired by God the Holy Spirit; [1st Timothy 3: 16-17] this means only that the Holy Spirit inspired the authors to include IN THEIR OWN WORDS ALL but only what God desired be in included in His Bible.

This is precisely WHY the Roman Catholic Church prior to the Protestant reformation of the 16th Century discouraged lay [untrained] Catholics from reading the bible on their own.

The Protestant Reformation and Luther’s very popular King James Protest [means “to PROTEST” bible, was the major factor in the RCC changing Her position; BUT what the Catholic Church held for centuries has PROVEN to be valid.

Now some 2,000 years Old the RCC still has just ONE SET of Faith beliefs; while the Protestant communities in a mere 500 years has thousands of different churches; EACH IDENTIFIED by its OWN individual set of Faith beliefs. :o

The Catholic Church continues to be the ONLY place to be taught the FULLNESS and the singular truths of Christ Faith. And if one is able to attend DAILY Mass you would hear the entire bible explained to you.

There is one of the GREAT joys and benefits of being a Catholic.

In the mean time use this Form’s Bible FORUM to ask anything you do not understand.

God Bless you my friend,

Patrick [PJM]


RCIA can be the most dangerous time for anyone seeking the faith. Rather, visit the catechism online or get a copy for yourself. It explains far better than any RCIA program. Heck, even a copy of Catholicism for Dummies would be very helpful.


Hebrews 11:3 ** By FAITH [hence not by science or other observation – history-- or records] that the world was created by the word of God,so that what is seen was made out of thing that do not appear.**

So, here the Bible is addressing that difficulty that people even in apostolic times wrestled to understand. We take Genesis, for example, as it is written for what it is teaching us.

On EWTN TV, the late Fr. Benedict Groeschel answered questions about the creation in his usual quasi-Jewish tone of voice – “I don’t know, I wasn’t there”

Jesus does not cast skepticism on OT scripture.


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