Catholic Billboard Defaced

A billboard outside Boston, Massachusetts by Catholic Radio Station “1060AM Catholic Radio” simply saying “Try God.” (in similarity to the “Got Milk?” campaign) was defaced by adding a section below that said “The other WHITE meat”. It has since been restored.

The billboards have been up since late July.

Story on BuzzFeed
Story on Huffington Post
Story on Boston Magazine

“Try God!”

It seems some start with “his patience!” :doh2::banghead:

The flip side to this coin is that it got people to talk about God, and how are we to know that in doing that talking some of them (or even just one of them) then takes a closer look at God and hear His call. :shrug:

Great point.

In looking at that billboard, and considering that Jesus’ skin tone was likely a bit darker than my Irish pallor … what if someone had put " … the other DARK meat!" Would that be a bigger story?! I think so. And speculations per racism would abound in the media.

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