Catholic bioethicist weighs in on paralyzed man thought to be unconscious for 23 years [CNA]

Brussels, Belgium, Nov 24, 2009 / 03:55 am (CNA).- A paralyzed man who was misdiagnosed as comatose for 23 years is again communicating with the world after new brain scans showed he was in fact conscious. A Catholic bioethics expert suggests the case shows the wisdom of Catholic teaching on the duty to provide sustenance for those believed to be comatose.

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Terri Schiavo. :crossrc:

There’s a video of this story from Good Morning America from Nov. 24.

My first thought exactly.

I read this from CNN at and just have to share this UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!!

“Misdiagnosis can lead to grave consequences, especially in end-of-life decision-making.”

I would think that secularists and atheist materialists are going to have to fight against vegetative euthanasia a lot more to avoid hypocrisy. We’ll see…

This is a prime example of the wisdom of Church teachings on life issues.

Yessssss! Thank You God!

Our God always comes through.:thumbsup:

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