Catholic birthdays


Hi. I’m a Roman Catholic from the Philippines. And I’m wondering if Catholics outside of the Philippines celebrate their birthdays by going to mass first thing in the morning. Is this a Filipino culture or is it also practiced around the world? Thank you.


Not that I know of in the states. We SHOULD be doing that.


I’ve never thought of doing that. It’s a good idea.


On rare occasion, I’ve known of people to have Mass said for someone else on their birthday. Personally, I ignore my own as much as possible.


What a lovely custom!!!

I can tell you that around here, many people have a mass said as a birthday gift for their family or friend.

Often our US culture is tooooo busy with the things of this world :frowning: Around here, one could not even find a mass at 7 am or earlier, when people who work 8-5 could attend in the morning.


I go on my baptismal and confirmation days. Usually in the evening when confessions are heard and then stay for Mass.


I always go to Mass on my birthday


It’s not a tradition in the States, but what a great tradition.


A year ago I started trying to attend Mass every day, so birthday is of course included in that practice.

Unfortunately, US Catholics rarely attend Mass other than the one Mass to fulfill their Sunday obligation, if that. Depending on where you are located, it can also be hard to find a Mass on days other than Saturday vigil/ Sunday.


American Catholic here as well. As much as I’d love to attend daily Mass, it is hard to find any evening ones and I work during the day. The earliest you might find is 7a and as a teacher with school starting at 7a, that doesn’t work.


My birthday is a holy day of obligation. I hope you go to mass on my birthday.


Mine too, but I do find it hard to go on my birthday and often have to go to the vigil Mass the day before because of work.


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