Catholic Bishop: Europe Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers



I note the bishop is in Kazakhstan. The role of the bishop is teaching and exercising authority over his diocese. Isn’t Kazakhstan in Asia? And does Brietbart know this? Now he may be right on the money, or not. I did not know he was an expert in political science and intrigue, or not. But the point is, he should not be used as some sort of authority where he is not.


Any Bp. Schneider interview is always of interest, but His Excellency’s thoughts on this subject are of especial importance, given his personal history and experience of having fled with his family from persecution in the Soviet Union. Thank you for posting.


Bishop Schneider is a smart enough guy, but this seems like a big stretch. How herculean of a task would something like this be to coordinate? Who is responsible for the wars? The sinky boats in the mediterranean? Was this really someone’s evil plan to wipe out Christianity? Somehow I doubt that. Besides I haven’t read enough Breitbart to say whether I trust it.


Hey it’s CAF’s favorite minor Bishop- Schneider!

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