Catholic bishop fires back at AOC for disparaging Father Damien of Molokai who gave life serving people with leprosy. She said Father Damien an example of "white supremacist culture."

The bishop responded saying “to associate this man, in any way, with colonialism or white supremacy is so ridiculous and insulting, and it shows the superficiality and the simplistic quality of these sort of woke categories,” Barron said.

He continued, “I can’t help but think: Of all the people that could have been singled out … what is it with this attack on Catholic saints?!”


Sounds like AoC wasn’t getting enough attention today, so like babies do, she threw her toys and sippy cup against the wall.

She must be in need of prayers to say such a crazy thing. I will add her to my Rosary intentions today.
Fr. Damien, please pray for her, and for all of us.


If St. Damien is a prime example of white supremacy, then white supremacists aren’t very good at this whole supremacy thing.


We are at war with demons. Many of our leaders across the nation and ANTIFA have hardened their hearts and allowed evil to enter.


White Supremacists are traditionally British Isle descended Protestants. You know, just like the Flemish (Belgian Dutch) speaking, Father Damien. Such a WASP, that Belgian Catholic priest!


Perhaps you might peruse a history of the Belgians in the Congo?


It doesn’t look as if AOC is getting any back-up from anybody over this. In fact, I think she’s accidentally redirected attention to the life of a great saint who’s always deserved to be more well-known. Thanks, Alex!


Amen Bishop.


The criticism was of the use of a statue of someone who was not Hawai’ian to represent Hawai’i.

The choice, not the person, was what was associated with ‘white supremacy’. In other words the story of Hawai’i being told by the selection of the statue was part of the story of the colonisers not the story of the indigenous people.

As Ms Ocasio-Cortez said through her office:

“Fr. Damien conducted acts of great good, and his is a story worth telling. It is still worthy for us to examine from a US history perspective why a non-Hawaiian, non-American was chosen as the statue to represent Hawaii in the Capitol over other Hawaiian natives who conducted great acts of good, and why so few women and people of color are represented in Capitol statues at all.”

Incidentally I have been reading about Fr Damien and find his story fascinating. If I did one of those thought experiments in which you say with whom in history you would like to have dinner with Fr Damien would not be one of my early choices. But I would love to interview him and understand his dedication. It would also be interesting to know (I have not found a reference to this) about his appreciation of the language and traditions of Hawai’i. Did he leave any writings in the Hawaiian language?


Dude, it’s okay to just say it was a stupid comment.


Ah the future of the Catholic Church with another intelligent comment.


A bit like using a non Native American. Time to rip down those stuffy images of that Washington guy.

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Yes indeed.

I guarantee you Fr. Damian didn’t give a hoot then or now if he were memorialized with a statue.
Also, considering that the other statue in Statuary Hall is King Kamehameha, it makes sense to have one statue be of somebody who wasn’t native to the islands.



Here’s a cookie, dear. Now run along and play while the grown folks talk.


Perhaps if native “women and people of color” had responded to the needs of the lepers on Molokai, Fr. Damien wouldn’t have to work so hard, essentially alone for so many years, and ultimately die of the disease himself.


Some years back a similar claim was made about Mother Theresa.


Don’t underestimate AOC. It is very likely that she or others very much like her will be running this country.


It’s my understanding that each state, through it’s state legislature, chooses it’s two statues to place in the capital. If that’s the case then the people of Hawaii and their state government can deal with this or not. It’s not AOC ‘s concern.


Nobody should be outraged that Trump called the KKK repulsive. But this thread was about AOC trashing Catholic saints so I think WaPo writers, KKK writers, and Trump are another subject.

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